LG Innovation Fueled by Vision for an Eco-Friendly Future

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Published June 28th, 2018 - 12:04 GMT
LG unveiled a suite of connected home electronics and appliances that can be controlled by LG’s SmartThinQ app.
LG unveiled a suite of connected home electronics and appliances that can be controlled by LG’s SmartThinQ app.

For decades, LG has been pioneering the way for home appliances by introducing products that are not just innovative but boast sustainability with products that include LG’s InstaView refrigerator with its Knock-On-Door feature – to see what is inside without opening the door – as well as its DUALCool Air Conditioners. However, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), LG innovation takes a giant leap forward in not just developing a future of added convenience but one that aims to achieve a green and healthy environment for generations to enjoy.

At CES 2018, LG unveiled a suite of connected home electronics and appliances that can be controlled by LG’s SmartThinQ app. The key takeaway from this interconnected ecosystem was the amount of time and energy people would save by having total control of all appliances at their fingertips. From being able to control lights in the home to switching off air conditioners to preserve energy and more.

“At LG, our intention is to make life better for all and the environment plays a significant role in making this a reality,” said Mr. Kevin Cha, President LG Electronics MEA. “We need to be more responsible and use products that save both time and energy. The world is slowly transitioning towards one where they will be a huge focus on renewable energy, till then, being able to take steps via technology to control one’s environment and energy consumption is key to healthy and happy living.”

One of LG’s most innovative offerings is the LG SmartThinQ® app that enables users to manage the widest assortments of home appliances through an Android or iOS device.

LG’s SmartThinQ® appliances are engineered with technology that turns any home into the home of the future—from the kitchen, to the living room, to the laundry room and every space in between. From SmartThinQ® refrigerators and ranges, to dishwashers, washing machines and more, the future is now with these connected appliances.

However, although a home can be made smart, one of the key benefits of the LG SmartThinQ® app is being able to control the air temperature and air quality for health and well-being of the family. Specifically referring to those that are sensitive to radical temperature changes and those that have an allergy to dust, users have the power to switch on devices to make sure optimal temperatures are reached and the air is purified from such contaminants, allergens and more.

LG’s leadership in the global appliance market is directly tied to its legacy of technological innovation and willingness to think outside the box. This unconventional approach has paid dividends several times over, creating a multiplier effect that has resulted in LG pushing the envelope in a number of areas. A key example of this philosophy in practice can be seen by how design serves a greater purpose at LG. Appliances like the InstaView Door-In-Door show that forward-thinking user-friendly design can also result in greater energy efficiency for the community.

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