Mashreq participates in Earth Hour 2016 and saves carbon emission and energy

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Published March 30th, 2016 - 08:14 GMT

Mashreq, one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions, joined together with one of their FM partner FARNEK, millions of people around the world during Earth Hour 2016 from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm by switching off all non-essential lights in four of its main buildings.

During the Earth Hour event, Mashreq saved 680kg of Carbon Emission and 970kWh of Energy – simply by turning off the lights and some non-critical air-conditioning units  for one hour; it achieved this target by successfully engaging its staff across all its offices.

Following the historic success of this year’s COP21 negotiations setting a universal climate agreement to reduce emissions and keep global warming below 2°C, Mashreq has scaled up its CSR strategy.

“To live up to the need for effective action against climate change and in pressing for international compliance, Mashreq has always been committed to taking accountability for its ecological footprint.  

To raise awareness about climate change internally and externally, the Bank put up Earth Hour posters across its regional offices and branches.. Mashreq also created a countdown on its corporate website to call on its customers to switch off all non-essential lights during Earth Hour 2016 and help sustain our planet.

Since its inception, Mashreq has been actively involved in many activities that give back to the community it operates in.  To scale up the impact of Earth Hour, Mashreq pledges to drive awareness and action beyond the hour; the goal of this CSR strategy is to mitigate the effects of climate change in the UAE and beyond and encourage a positive impact on environmental outcomes. 

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Mashreq has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967.

We are one of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. We focus on providing our customers access to a wide range of innovative products and services.

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