Ooredoo Oman Leads the Best Video Network Experience in Oman

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Published May 16th, 2018 - 10:12 GMT
Feras bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, Director of Consumer Sales at Ooredoo
Feras bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, Director of Consumer Sales at Ooredoo

Setting new highs in customer experience, Ooredoo has been recognised by Akamai, the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, for providing users with the best video experience in Oman.

The accolade was based on the network’s video streaming across four categories; video start-up, video played with buffering, video buffer timing, and video bitrate.

Feras bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, Director of Consumer Sales at Ooredoo said: “Customer experience is at the heart of our business. Bringing it to life is what we aim for; through our products, services and interactions with customers. There is a high demand for quality video streaming and we want to make sure that users can stream without interruption and get the best data experience – and now they can. And we continue to enhance our network so that everyone can stay connected to stream, view and share. We are very proud of this acknowledgement from Akamai, which once again demonstrates that we are the leading network in Oman.”

With the best video network in the Sultanate, Ooredoo surpasses the competition with video start-up, loading speeds, buffering time and buffering while playing, all of which allow users to stream with no delays. When compared to competitors within the market, over a 6 month period, Ooredoo’s network performed better overall in all four categories. As the Sultanate’s data experience leaders, Ooredoo is committed to continuing to upgrade its high-speed network and already has over 90% of Oman’s population covered by 4G.

Feras added, “We have worked hard to make sure our customers can enjoy the internet. We continue to meet set benchmarks for user experience while increasing the video quality for customers through our cutting-edge network. We have been working on an unprecedented expansion plan, our ‘Supernet’ to transform the Sultanate’s digital landscape; adding a total of over 1,000 new locations to the company’s grid and providing a number of incredible benefits to residents, tourists, and businesses in Oman – more extensive, faster, and more stable connectivity to boost socio-economic growth.”

Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network services. With more than 240,000 servers in over 130 countries and within more than 1,700 networks around the world, Akamai delivers nearly 3 trillion internet interactions each day.

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