Qatar Leadership Academy Students Complete Camp in Jordan

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Published November 8th, 2018 - 06:41 GMT
Qatar Leadership Academy students attend a leadership camp in Jordan.
Qatar Leadership Academy students attend a leadership camp in Jordan.

Students from Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA), part of Qatar Foundation's Pre-University Education, recently completed the Ambition Leadership Camp in Jordan. The camp, held in collaboration with Aspire Business Company in Jerash, was co-organized by Ranger Adventure Camp.

Featuring a range of mental and physical training activities, students were given the opportunity to learn about outdoor survival, as well as develop their leadership and team building skills.  

Mohamed Al Thani, a student at QLA, said: “The Ambition Leadership Camp is one of the best training programs I’ve ever attended.  It helped me acquire a lot of the skills needed to survive in harsh environments.”

Fellow student Faisal Al Sakr said: “We learned a number of useful skills, like reading a map and using a compass. The program also helped some of us conquer our biggest fears. I used to suffer from acrophobia – the fear of heights – but I’ve managed to overcome it. This program has prepared us to face the adversities that come our way in order to achieve our goals.” 

Students also visited historic sites in Jordan, such as the Amman Citadel, the Roman Theatre, and the Dead Sea. They also visited Wadi Zarqa Ma’in.

Mr. Salim Begheit Al Merry, the trip supervisor and official representative of QLA, said: “The Ambition Leadership Camp is an extremely unique training program. It offers hands-on experience to participants including training activities, adventures, and educational discussions throughout the program. The students’ daily routines were intense and really helped shape the young minds of the participants.”

Mr. Laith Al Zayod, General Manager of Aspire Business Company, said: “We have given students leadership training and helped enrich life skills, such as strategic planning, team building, and how to better work towards their goals. Qatar Leadership Academy plays a significant role in establishing unique programs like these and creating opportunities for students to grow.”

At the end of the program, a camp graduation ceremony was held to acknowledge the efforts of the students.

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