Samsung’s QLED TVs Are Ushering in the Era of Intelligent Display

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Published May 20th, 2018 - 08:46 GMT
The Smart TV phenomenon began with Samsung’s Pavv Bordeaux TV 750[2].
The Smart TV phenomenon began with Samsung’s Pavv Bordeaux TV 750[2].

In less than a century since mainstream televisions were introduced[1], the technology that powers them has made leaps and bounds. What started as a heavy box equipped with knobs, antennas, and a disproportionally small screen evolved remarkably fast, as TV screens grew larger, panels grew smaller, pictures grew clearer, and sounds grew crisper. But despite its rapid progression through the years, TV development has truly surged in the last decade, with the introduction of the Smart TV in 2008.

Ten years ago, the Smart TV phenomenon began with Samsung’s Pavv Bordeaux TV 750[2]. It was the first Smart TV ever invented, representing the birth of content-oriented TVs that easily connect to the internet and USB devices. This was the innovation that pioneered the smart TV movement, and Samsung became an unstoppable force in the television industry leading the global TV market for 11 consecutive years.

Samsung’s first Smart TVs boasted features that were revolutionary for their time enabling users to do everything from checking the news, weather, and other online information in real time, access content stored on USB flash drives, and a PC Connection port. These features redefined television capabilities, vastly expanding the world of content and functionality available on a TV.

In the following years, Samsung’s Smart TVs evolved even more rapidly than ever as Smart features became increasingly innovative. Soon, users could share photos and videos online, find and download apps and content directly from their TV, connect other devices like PCs and music players wirelessly, access On Demand content, and even control their TV using voice and motion controls. Compared to the televisions from just a decade earlier, Samsung’s Smart TVs were the technology of the future, reimagining smart functionality and introducing features designed to make the viewing experience simpler and smarter than before.

The 2018 Samsung QLED TV has evolved again. This year’s models take QLED innovation and versatility to new heights, thanks to enhancements that have made the TVs that much more intelligent and in tune with users’ lifestyle. The latest QLED TVs redefine expectations for immersion, utility and design, and are equipped with SmartThings, Samsung’s IoT platform hub that offers a simpler way to control the television and sync with other devices. Additionally, the TV features Direct Full Array and Ambient Mode for even better picture quality, intuitive control and seamless design

After a decade full of Smart TV innovations that have irrevocably changed the TV landscape for the better, Samsung continues to bring new layers of unparalleled technology to its Smart TVs. Since its inception, Samsung has created for itself a reputation for creating a rich ecosystem of firsts and bests; and now, Samsung has taken “Smart” a step further by ushering in the era of intelligent display. With enhanced connection and convenience functions that maximize the viewing experience from every angle, Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs are an impressive mark of 10 years of innovation on the TV space.


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2011 consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion. Employing approximately 206,000 people in 197 offices across 72 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LED. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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