SEHA announces the expansion and renovation of Al Rahba Hospital ER

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Published August 20th, 2013 - 10:42 GMT
Al Rahba Hospital
Al Rahba Hospital

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has announced that the expansion and renovation of the emergency room (ER) at Al Rahba Hospital will begin shortly following approval by the Executive Committee of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. The expansion of the ER is intended to meet the large number of trauma patients which have resulted due to its location on the highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, coupled with a steady increase in population in its vicinity. Al Rahba Hospital’s ER expansion will better serve the more than 80,000 estimated trauma patients it expects to see this year as the Al Rahba area continues to grow.

"As the Al Rahba community has grown over the years, Al Rahba Hospital is always looking at ways to best meet the medical needs of our families," "With an expanded emergency medicine facility, we will be able to provide patients with quicker and more efficient care."

The area around Al Rahba Hospital is seeing a rapid population growth due to the development of a large number of new residential areas. The hospital’s location on a major highway also brings in many patients who are involved in vehicle accidents due to bad driving and speeding. The changes made in Al Rahba Hospital’s ER will improve efficiency and patient flow and will also increase the ER capacity.

The expansion project is also intended to increase the future capacity of the ER by 7-10% per year and reduce waiting times. Al Rahba Hospital’s ER has received nearly 40,000 patients in the first half of 2013. In addition, 18 beds will be added to the ER, effectively doubling the current number of beds, and special beds for children will be provided. Other vital equipment that will have a positive impact on the performance of the department will also be obtained.

Work includes the expansion of the existing ER and Trauma Care areas and the Urgent Care Centre, and the revamp of fire-fighting systems, electronic control systems, video surveillance systems, and early warning systems for fire and smoke leakage.

By carrying out the expansion and renovation of Al Rahba Hospital ER, SEHA aims to provide more specialised services for patients and high-quality healthcare in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.

The expansion and renovation works of Al Rahba Hospital ER takes into account sustainability criteria which focus on the reduction of energy and water consumption. The design was produced in accordance with the latest international medical standards, which provide a better environment for healing and comforting the sick, and also take into account both the privacy and traditions of the UAE. The hospital has also been designed to meet future healthcare needs of the region. SEHA’s vision is to provide a standard of healthcare to both clients and the general community that is consistent with the highest international standards. SEHA intends to develop the necessary infrastructure system for its health facilities which will enable it to achieve, and then subsequently support and maintain, world-class standards.

Background Information

SEHA HealthSystem

SEHA is the corporate marketing name of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, an independent public joint stock company that owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. ‘SEHA’ is a phonetic rendering of the Arabic word for health.

The company was established by Emiri Decree No 10 of 2007 and is a leading participant in the reform of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector. The reform seeks to upgrade and improve healthcare delivery to the public at a level comparable to the finest healthcare systems in the world. The program began by separating management and regulation – SEHA assumed responsibility for public healthcare centers and hospitals, while Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HA-AD) was established to regulate the public and private sectors. The two organizations replaced the General Authority for Health Services (GAHS), previously responsible for both roles.

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