Thawani Pay Launches Secure And Convenient First-of-its-kind Mojab Prepaid Card In Oman

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Published September 12th, 2021 - 10:46 GMT
Thawani Pay Launches Secure And Convenient First-of-its-kind Mojab Prepaid Card In Oman
The card offers consumers quick, safe and secure payments and can be ordered via the Thawani Pay App for doorstep delivery
Thawani Technologies, Oman’s pioneering fintech startup, has announced the launch of the first prepaid card in Oman, the Thawani Mojab Prepaid card. Connected to Mojab, Thawani’s virtual wallet

Thawani Technologies, Oman’s pioneering fintech startup, has announced the launch of the first prepaid card in Oman, the Thawani Mojab Prepaid card. Connected to Mojab, Thawani’s virtual wallet, it offers consumers a swift, safe, and secure solution for performing payments and transactions in Oman and overseas. The Mojab Prepaid Card is launched in collaboration with BankDhofar and Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments.

“The new Mojab Prepaid card is a further testament to our commitment to providing consumers with convenient high-quality electronic financial services,” said Eng. Majid Al Amri, Founder and CEO of Thawani Technologies Company said at Thawani Technologies. “This new addition to our host of products and services was developed with the priority of keeping users’ information safe and secure, while implementing and meeting local and international privacy standards.” He added, “We anticipate that the card will be particularly popular with head of households, students and workers, given its competitive and user-friendly associated benefits. Consumers can use the card at all outlets providing electronic payments within Oman and overseas.”

For extra levels of privacy, the plastic card does not include any banking information such as a card number and does not have a CVV code, and can be conveniently ordered from the Thawani application with delivery options across the Sultanate. Thawani Technologies also plans to introduce more products and services in the coming period that integrates banking and fintech solutions, while keeping pace with the ongoing global digital transformation trends.

Dr. Tariq Taha, Chief Retail Banking Officer at BankDhofar said, “At BankDhofar, we are always keen to develop a digital banking and payments’ ecosystem in Oman that promotes new fintech products. We are glad to partner with Thawani to launch the first-of-its-kind prepaid card in the region, with a unique design which does not include the card number or CVV2. The Mojab card, is an extension of the convenient payment facilities provided to all, it is actually a card on customers’ mobiles. The Mojab Prepaid card will enable customers to easily make purchases on-the-go, online, or when travelling as well, while protecting their primary account information.”

Abu Baker Al Balushi, Head of Digital Banking at BankDhofar said, “As part of BankDhofar Digital Initiatives, we have partnered with Thawani to launch innovative solutions in the market, accordingly we are happy to announce the launch of our new combined card product; the Thawani Mojab Card. The Mojab Card is a Visa card linked to Thawani’s BankDhofar Wallet Account, to enable customers to further enjoy their Thawani Wallet Facilities Thawani Mojab Cards will be powered by BankDhofar, with the initiation launched and run by the PSP Thawani, whom have been the leading fintech in Oman. Moving forward, we shall continue to innovate with Thawani to provide new unique services and products. As BankDhofar we believe in innovating through collaboration, to further innovate together, reach our goals together and provide an enhanced customer experience together.”

Manish Gautum, Visa’s Country Manager for Oman, said, “The Mojab Prepaid card is flexible and secure, not to mention convenient, offering customers many of the same features as a Visa credit or debit card. It simply holds a balance of funds loaded into the card by the cardholder to draw from directly or spend online or in-store and can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted in Oman or at Visa’s 70 million merchants worldwide.  We are delighted to partner with Thawani Technologies and BankDhofar to be able to launch our first prepaid card in Oman. The Mojab Prepaid card is an innovative, secure and convenient digital payment solution that will enable consumers in Oman to fully enjoy the benefits of digital commerce.”

Founded in 2016, Thawani Technologies is an Omani company that specializes in providing smart payment solutions, while holding a global certificate in card security. Licensed by the Central Bank of Oman, the company has been providing innovative payment solutions in financial technology, in order to expediate payments’ processes, improve user experiences, and make payments safer, faster, and easier. In addition to the basic payments’ system, Thawani Technologies provides smart payment solutions through payment solutions that are built to meet the needs and challenges faced by institutions. The company also provides services through its platform to pay bills, top up credit, pay tuition fees, and social insurance. The company recently launched the updated version of its App, offering new products and significant improvements to its portfolio of services. Learn more about Thawani at


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