'Tis the season to be jolly with Diego Dalla Palma's new range of nail polishes

Press release
Published December 11th, 2011 - 09:40 GMT
Diego Dalla Palma nail polish
Diego Dalla Palma nail polish

Yuletide cheer has every lady adorn her best look. Diego Dalla Palma helps every woman accessorise her look with their new shades of nail polish available across all Beautybay stores. Give your nails a festive makeover with Diego Dalla Palma nail shades that range from chic, casual to sophisticated. The attractive nail polish sets the mood for the festive season with the option of 12 different colors. The nail gloss and base coat from Diego Dalla Palma complete the look and help strengthen the nails .

You can bid smudges goodbye with the use of the DDP Nail Polish, this varnish lasts a long time and is also quick to dry. It contains hardening active ingredients and it’s shiny, even and bright. The DDP base coat is used on the nails before applying the actual nail polish,  it helps protect the nail keratin. DDP nail gloss improves the color brightness of the nail paint and helps the varnish last longer. It is easy to apply, quick to dry, and can be applied on its own or over the varnish.

You can now pamper your nails within the comforts of your home and adorn unique manicured nails with Diego Dalla Palma's new range of nail shades. 

The product is priced at AED 69.