Toshiba announces the Cloud Client Manager and Smart Client Manager 2.0

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Published May 6th, 2014 - 05:33 GMT

Toshiba Gulf FZE announces today the Toshiba Cloud Client Manager (TCCM), a cloud-based cost effective IT management service, and the Toshiba Smart Client Manager 2.0 (TSCM 2.0), a smart, secure and powerful IT management service. While TCCM is accessed using a standard web browser, and TSCM 2.0 is an on-premise system, both have a set of comprehensive tools that enables IT administrators to manage end-point devices quickly and efficiently. They are now available in the market. 

“The new TCCM and the updated TSCM 2.0 are designed to empower IT professionals to work faster and become more resourceful,” explains Santosh Varghese, General Manager of Digital Products and Services, Toshiba Gulf FZE. “Toshiba has developed both solutions with IBM Endpoint Manager to help businesses decrease downtime and maximise productivity through strengthened security features,” he adds. 

Director of Endpoint and Mobility Management for IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Anthony Aurigemma said "As the use of mobile devices within enterprises continues to expand at an astounding rate, businesses will need a flexible, omnipresent infrastructure to make sure all of this traveling data stays secure, safe and hosted in a cost-effective fashion.  Leveraging the strength of cloud computing and advanced analytics, our collaboration with Toshiba enables users to efficiently and easily manage the health, security and power consumption of each device." 

Responding to the increasing use of mobile devices in the region’s business sector, TSCM 2.0 supports mixed product and operating system environments, allowing IT administrators to manage multiple devices easily, regardless of platform. In addition to improving organisational efficiency and maintaining uptime, this extensive compatibility increases productivity by allowing users to access data and applications seamlessly across PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

Scalable to 250,000 end-points per server, TSCM 2.0 allows IT administrators to manage mobile devices in addition to desktop PCs and notebooks. Now featuring HDD Health Monitoring, TSCM 2.0 protects user data from HDD failure, effectively reducing business risk. Further, it gives IT administrators full control over access by preventing a PC from starting up, or any user from logging on. IT administrators are also capable of restricting access to external devices such as printers and removable drives. 

Reducing Data Loss and Downtime

A preventative maintenance feature of the TCCM and the TSCM 2.0, HDD health monitoring protects user data from HDD failure by constantly checking the drives of every device in the system. Based on a Toshiba-developed algorithm, it gives advance warning before failure occurs and computes potential defects, so the IT administrator can make quick decisions to backup data or replace a damaged HDD. 

Full Control over Patch and Software Updates

The patch management function of the TCCM and TSCM 2.0 automatically recognises which software updates and patches are needed for each device. This allows only the relevant updates to be applied, which makes patch times much quicker and ensures end-point devices within the business are as safe and secure as possible. Additionally, this feature can resolve problems with previously installed patches in individual end-point devices. 

Minimising Power Consumption and Cost

TCCM and TSCM 2.0 include a power management function that the IT administrator can set to monitor daily or hourly power consumption. Power settings can also be supervised through a power plan and Peak Shift settings, providing intelligent balancing between main power and battery power. Based on the usage levels, the administrator can then lower consumption across the business by prohibiting a power change setting by a user, applying a specific setting or providing power-saving settings to each device. This results in efficient power consumption and ultimately translates to lower electric utility expenses.

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Founded in 1965, Toshiba America, Inc. (TAI) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Toshiba Corporation and the holding company of six Toshiba operating companies that offer a broad range of products and solutions for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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