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Published December 14th, 2011 - 07:51 GMT

An ethically responsible company with a global workforce numbering 20,000, Transguard Group, an Emirates Group company, is reviewing its commitment to safeguarding the planet’s future following a successful first year of employee education and the rollout of a series of environmental initiatives across all areas of its business operation.

At the start of 2011, a Sustainability Strategy committee was tasked with building control systems, measuring performance and developing reward systems with 15% of the resulting cost savings being ploughed back into self-funding future initiatives.

“Transguard considers sustainability to be an integral component of its corporate strategy. It puts key performance indicators in place to develop and implement the strategy,” said Grainne O’Neill, Head of Procurement and TG Green.

The committee has four clear objectives including educating management about sustainability, providing staff incentives to help change behaviour towards energy consumption, and an ongoing employee awareness drive focusing on sustainability in the workplace, the wider market, and the community.

“Our fourth, and most ambitious objective, is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy and water consumption by 10% every 12 months year on year. We saw results after just eight months,” remarked O’Neill.

From simple steps such as reducing the amount of colour printing and recycling used by electronic goods to collecting used oil, Transguard has identified potential total annual savings in excess of AED1.3 million across all its initiatives.

Other valuable initiatives include the sourcing of sustainable alternative consumables, company-wide use of energy saving light fittings and air-conditioning units, a switchover to Forest Stewardship Council paper products and eco-friendly cleaning equipment.

In addition, more than 3,750 water saving devices have been installed across all Transguard offices and staff accommodation facilities, positively impacting 12,000 peoples’ water usage and consumption.

“To put this into perspective, the amount of water the company now saves every week is nearly the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and our carbon footprint reduction efforts are comparable to taking 286 cars off the road every year,” said O’Neill.

The company has also undertaken a review of unnecessary packaging and is liaising with suppliers to reduce, reuse and recycle where possible. It has also reviewed its cash vehicle routes and has begun leasing fuel-efficient and lower engine capacity vehicles to conserve fuel usage

Transguard is also a keen supporter of local community initiatives and an active signatory of the ‘Heroes of the UAE’ campaign, set up jointly by The Emirates Wildlife Society in association with the Worldwide Fund for Nature and the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency. The programme helps to educate the local population – and corporations – on how to reduce, recycle and re-use scarce resources.

A large part of the sustainability drive has focused on employee engagement, and Transguard has created a dedicated intranet site, monthly newsletter and annual calendar of events, along with discussion forums for staff, local government and clients. 

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Transguard Group

Transguard Group was established in 2001 and has diversified significantly, now leading in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services and Integrated Facility Services. Transguard is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and culturally diverse workforce numbering in excess of 65,000 people.

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