Transguard Measures up to UK Electrical Quality Standards

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Published March 25th, 2018 - 09:42 GMT
Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group.
Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group.

Leading UAE-based business services provider, Transguard Group, has been accredited by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC), the UK’s leading Certification Body for electrical installation and Facilities Management contractors.

The accreditation, now positions Transguard as an ‘Approved Contractor’ after the company’s key electrical personnel successfully completed the rigorous competency audit at Dubai Marina Residence buildings

“Complying with international best practice for electrical health and safety as well as risk assessment, is of paramount importance to us and our customers. Being accredited by NICEIC will further enhance our systematic and measurable approach towards operational excellence,” said Greg Ward, MD, Transguard Group.

Transguard successfully navigated a rigorous assessment process conducted by a UK-based NICEIC qualified engineer, who evaluated numerous examples of completed electrical maintenance work. He also verified that all relevant documentation was accurate, current and easily accessible and that key supervisory staff were competent and had the relevant qualifications and experience.  

“This is an ongoing process,” said Eddie Arrowsmith, Regional Engineering Manager for NICEIC. “We re-assess our registered contractors at least annually to guarantee these high standards are maintained and that Qualified Supervisors are competent and responsible for the safety, technical standard and quality of electrical work under their supervision,” added Arrowsmith.

NICEIC has been assessing the competence of electrical contractors throughout the UK for over 60 years. It currently has over 36,000 Registered Contractors who carry out 90% of all electrical work in the UK and is now bringing that level of expertise and professionalism to contractors in the UAE and the wider Middle East.

In pursuit of operational excellence, last year Transguard, opened a new, AED 3.8 million 38,000 square feet, ‘Centre of Excellence’, located at Dubai Investment Park (DIP), which is tasked with training 75,000 Transguard staff by 2020.

Transguard has 39 trainers, team leaders, teachers, facilitators and specialists based at the centre, delivering over 170 courses, ranging from administration skills to team building and safety management. Transguard’s English language training is benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Language, which leads to official and internationally recognised qualifications.

The two-storey centre comprises offices and classrooms on the first floor. On the ground floor several dedicated mock-up rooms, including a purpose-built apartment, office, clinic and even a fully furnished hotel room complete with a variety of materials and finishes requiring different maintenance solutions and methods. The centre also features a K9 unit with kennels for 16 dogs to support Transguard’s specialist dog handling and detection training.

“We always try to anticipate market trends and we understand there will be many challenges ahead as the UAE, and wider region, adopts a technological, knowledge-based strategy towards sustainable economic development,” added Ward.

Background Information

Transguard Group

Transguard Group was established in 2001 and has diversified significantly, now leading in the fields of Cash Services, Security Services, Manpower Services and Integrated Facility Services. Transguard is the UAE’s most trusted business support and outsourcing provider and has a large, dynamic and culturally diverse workforce numbering in excess of 65,000 people.

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