Samsung Reveals Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro with Larger Batteries

Published August 11th, 2022 - 06:45 GMT
Samsung Reveals Galaxy Watch5, Watch5 Pro with Larger Batteries
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The new Galaxy Watch5 series, which focuses on health, fitness, and lifestyle, was unveiled by Samsung. Three models are available: a standard Watch5 in 40mm and 44mm, as well as a Watch5 Pro (45mm).

According to GSM Arena, Samsung has never before used a Sapphire Crystal display. It provides 60 per cent more scratch resistance and, surprisingly, is offered on all three models (instead of being limited to just the Pro). Additionally, the watches have MIL-STD-810H certification and are 5ATM (and IP68) water-resistant.

The 40mm Galaxy Watch5 has a 1.2" display, weighs 28.7g, and measures 39.3 x 40.4 x 9.8mm (396x396px). The 44mm watch's dimensions are 43.3 x 44.4 x 9.8mm and its weight is 33.5g. And finally, the Watch5 Pro weighs 46.5g and has dimensions of 45.4 x 45.4 x 10.5mm. Displays on the 44mm and Pro are 1.4". (450 x 450px).

There is an Always On Display mode for all three. However, none of these has a hardware rotating bezel (in case it wasn't obvious from the images). That is a classic item, and this generation doesn't have any classic watches (not yet, anyway).

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is Samsung's most functional and robust watch to date. Thanks to improved Sapphire Crystal, a protruding bezel that shields the display, and a titanium chassis, it is more durable than even its non-Pro siblings. The sport band has a brand-new D buckle design with no holes that allow for seamless length adjustment.

The Pro's 590mAh battery is the largest of any Galaxy Watch. The standard watches also come with larger batteries, with 410mAh for the 44mm model and 284mAh for the 40mm model. 8 hours of battery life can be obtained with fast charging in only 8 minutes. The battery will increase to 45% if you have a half-hour to spare.

The Exynos W920 chipset, which was also employed in the Watch4 series, powers all three watches. Additionally, the 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of storage are the same. The newest One UI Watch 4.5 is included with the new models.

All Watch5 models allow you to supply a predetermined route, but only the Pro does so (in the form of a GPX file). If your friends want to go on the same hike, you can record the route information and share it with them. To keep you on the trail, there is turn-by-turn navigation that uses only vibration or even voice guidance. The TrackBack function will eventually direct you back to your starting point.

Soon, Google Maps on the watch will be able to function independently of your smartphone. The watches are equipped with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou receivers. Compasses, barometers, temperature sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and light sensors are also included. All watches come with Bluetooth 5.2, dual-band Wi-Fi 5 a/b/g/n, and NFC, with LTE connectivity, which is an optional feature.

There is an optical heart rate monitor, as well as an ECG and a Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) sensor, for tracking exercise and health. Through a series of incremental goals, BIA analysis will help you reach your weight, body fat percentage, and even skeletal muscle goals.

The watch will give you tips on how to maximise recovery after a few minutes of vigorous cardio exercise and will make liquid intake recommendations based on data on sweat loss.

The interface for sleep tracking has been updated to make it simple to understand the important information that is gathered while you sleep. The Sleep Habits Analysis shows your sleep patterns with symbols.

In order to create your ideal sleeping environment, the sleep coaching programme will create a customised month-long programme with missions, checklists, and sleep reports. The watch can turn off the lights, adjust the air conditioning and TV to preset settings, and turn off the lights in a SmartThings-enabled home.

You can choose the model you want (including size), the watch case, and the strap at the Watch Bespoke Studio. You can use a variety of straps from Samsung to further personalise the watch in the future, including NATO bands, two-tone sport straps, Milanese straps, titanium link bracelets, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series is currently available for pre-order and will go on sale on August 26. For USD280/Euro300 for the Bluetooth version and USD330/Euro350 for LTE connectivity, the 40mm model is priced. The watch is offered in pink gold, silver, and graphite. The colour scheme for the 44mm version is Graphite, Silver, and Sapphire, as reported by GSM Arena.

For a Bluetooth model, the Watch5 Pro starts at USD450 (or Euro470), and for an LTE model, it costs USD500 (or Euro520). Between Gray Titanium and Black Titanium, you have a choice.

A Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Golf Edition is also available; it has a two-tone band, an unlimited membership to the Smart Caddie app, and unique watch faces. The 40mm model, which is available in all three models, starts at USD330 for a Bluetooth version.

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