Saudization continues to bring more Saudis into private sector

Published May 7th, 2012 - 08:27 GMT
The campaign is titled "Your way to localization"
The campaign is titled "Your way to localization"

The Ministry of Labor launched yesterday the second phase of a campaign designed to raise the number of Saudi employees in private firms falling in the yellow and red categories under the Nitaqat program.

The campaign, titled "Your way to localization," cites examples of private sector companies that fall under premium and green categories. Such companies have shown how they removed obstacles facing the nationalization process through adopting innovative solutions to reach the required Saudization levels, the ministry said.

Commenting on the campaign, Minister of Labor Adel Fakeih said it demonstrates practical examples of some national firms that could change the nationalization index into a positive trend. He said such firms successfully attracted, trained and kept national manpower for the best interests of their companies and national economy at large.

His ministry planned to cite such cases of success through awareness campaigns that would hopefully benefit other firms that have not yet attained the required Saudization levels. The minister stressed the importance of partnership between several parties in the job market - the ministry, workers and business owners - to create a work environment conducive to attracting job seekers and minimize "job leakages."

Strategies of the ministry are tailored to provide incentives to private sector firms as an encouragement to employ job seekers and, at the same time, upgrade production efficiency of national manpower through training programs, Fakeih pointed out. The Ministry of Labor launched last year the first phase of the campaign and called on private sector companies to show their experiences and cases of success through its e-port (

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