Startup of the Week: CARSEER - What The Used Cars’ Market Has Been Missing

Published May 10th, 2021 - 08:30 GMT
Last week, the thriving startup managed to secure six-figure Seed investment from Arzan Venture Capital. (Shutterstock)

Have you ever wanted to buy a used car but was worried whether you’re investing in the right vehicle or not? Have you ever wished for a magical report that shows you every single detail about the used car you’re mulling to purchase? Well, CARSEER is your Genie in that case! But instead of rubbing an antique lamp, all you have to do is visit their website or the mobile app (available on Google Play and Apple store) and follow the steps.


The Jordanian startup was founded by Hashim Hasan and Amjad Al-Zabin in 2015. The founders noticed the lack of transparency in the used cars market, and wanted to provide a service that not only protects the public, but the insurance firms and the financial institutions involved. And this is when  CARSEER saw the light. The vehicle history reporting platform offers vehicle reports, enabling its users to make decisions when buying used cars or even new ones. 

It’s worth mentioning that CARSEER is the first comprehensive, Arabic and photo added vehicle history report in MENA (the reports are bilingual). The reports’ data are combined from USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea and local data sources, and the data is collected from trusted sources such as the automotive agencies, government departments, insurance firms and other credible sources.

If you still have your doubts about this service, then this piece of info might reassure you: each CARSEER report is certified by Jordan Customs and Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology in UAE, both of which accept the generated reports as a basis for assessing the suitability of vehicles for road use in each country.

As we all know, nothing valuable comes for free. However, the detailed report provided by CARSEER is fairly priced, and paying for such a great service can help you save some cash since you’d be making a wise decision based on trusted information. In case the report contains data that is not very useful for a client, s/he gets the report for FREE and receives a refund!


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Last week, the thriving startup managed to secure six-figure Seed investment from Arzan Venture Capital. And since its vision is to become the focal source of information to assist in the assessment of used cars in the region, the founders aim to grasp this opportunity and make this vision a reality by operating beyond the borders of Jordan and expanding in the GCC market.

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