Tackling creative block at the office

Published August 22nd, 2016 - 04:00 GMT

Doesn’t matter what you call it: writer’s block or creative block or simply “Where is my inspiration when I need it?!” If you’re not always doing something new to revive your spirit, thing can get rote pretty quickly. When you fall into routines, part of your creative self may begin to wither.

All creative individuals find their work coming less easily at some times than others. That’s when you need strategies, and plenty of them. Bayt.com professionals are here to help; here are 7 tips that will help you overcome the creative blocks you face at work!

1. Go somewhere else

You may find you need a change of pace to awaken your inspiration. Heading out to a park, a drop-in work space or a café can shake up your thinking and inspire new ideas and a renewed vigor for working. There’s something about challenging your thoughts and ideas with entirely unfamiliar cultural cues that can shake you out of a creative slump.


2. Go to your comfort zone!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!” How many times have you heard that quote?  If criticism of your work is what’s keeping creative ideas away, building up your confidence again may unblock the flow of inspiration. Something you may find comforting in time of creative struggle is to turn to a completely different activity that you know you’re good at—the enjoyment of engaging in something you’re good at and appreciating the output can be a great self-esteem boost.


3. Walk with your camera 

A simple walk can do wonders for creative thinking. Try to taking your camera with you and take pictures of random stuff; a cat passing by, two men walking, an old car, a newer car, etc. Whatever it is that catches your eyes just snap a picture. Once you get back look at the pictures you’ve taken and you may find your inspiration right there!

4. Pretend!

Stop looking for inspiration and creativity, sit back and pretend; pretend you’re a chef, or a coiffure, you can be baker or a doctor. Whatever it is you choose to be, think how a day will be in their shoes; how to decorate the cake, what’s the perfect haircut or what is the right medicine for this patient! Pretending can give you a whole other perspective on how to look at things!


5. Take notes

I’ve once heard that elephants never forget. Well you’re not an elephant; take notes! Save interesting thoughts, quotes, films, etc. The medium doesn’t matter, so long as it inspires you. When you’re mystified, go to your notes like a wizard to his spellbook! Mash those thoughts together, extend them in every way possible till they meet and help you get inspired.


6. Put some fun in your office

Bareness leads to an empty void of nothingness.  Make sure you inject some color, inspiration and fun into your office, you’re not working in prison! Here are 10 ideas for an inspirational office.


7. Sleep on it if you can!

Try not to think and do on the same day. After thinking of an idea, don’t start working on it right away; sleep and work the following day. Our brains tend to sort the good from the bad naturally, and occasionally come up with some really off-the-wall things overnight.


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