Telegram is Hiring in Dubai, These Are the Vacancies

Published February 9th, 2021 - 01:00 GMT
Telegram is Hiring in Dubai, These Are the Vacancies
Jobs are available for role of assistant to CEO, accountant, legal consul and other IT jobs. (Shutterstock)

Dubai-headquartered messaging app Telegram is hiring for different positions as the company is growing at a breakneck speed over the last few months.

The popularity of Telegram increased dramatically after WhatsApp started sending notifications to millions of users in January asking them to either accept its new policy or see their accounts removed from February 8. It could potentially be one of the top candidates to become the next unicorn from Dubai.

Telegram, which became the most downloaded non-gaming app worldwide in January 2021 with more than 63 million downloads, is looking to fill vacancies for the post of developers, engineers, animator, accountant, assistant to the CEO and a legal counsel.

Below is the list of jobs Telegram is hiring in Dubai.

  • Assistant to the CEO

The selected candidate will have to manage the and maintain calendar of the CEO as well as arrange bookings for travel, accommodation and lifestyle management etc. The candidate should have strong fluency in English, good communication skills, and basic financial skills.

  • Junior accountant

The candidate will have to maintain accounting books and records, ensure documentation of financial transactions, manage payrolls, prepare financial statements and reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow and analytics. People who have high GMAT score, native-level fluency in English, working knowledge of accounting principles under IFRS, experience with QuickBooks or Xero software and proficient use of Microsoft Excel should apply for the job.

  • Junior legal counsel

The key responsibilities for the junior legal counsel is to handle draft, assess all types of legal documents and legal correspondence, ensure compliance with applicable laws and proactively conduct legal research. The candidate should have strong legal training in the UK/US, in-depth knowledge of administrative law and procedures, analytical skills, exposure to legal frameworks in multiple jurisdictions, excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly and concisely express ideas both verbally and in writing.

  • Motion graphic artist/animator

The key responsibilities including developing UI animations for Telegram mobile applications and design animated characters. The preferred qualifications is vector illustration skills, motion design and animated character design skills. Candidate should contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info. The bot will also notify candidates whenever the firm is holding relevant competitions – which are the fastest and easiest way of joining the team.

  • Instant view engineer

The role of instant view engineer is to improve existing and create new Instant View templates. Remuneration will depend on the amount of work done each month (e.g. 30 euro per unique template and 10 euro per improved existing template). The preferred qualification for the candidate is that he/she should have successfully participated in Telegram Instant View competitions. Only top contributors in the competitions will be considered.

  • Datacenter engineer

The engineer will have to build, rack and cable Telegram European infrastructure, work with vendors and datacenter's representatives, participate in operational procedures together with the team distributed worldwide, troubleshoot and maintain servers/disk arrays/network equipment, commit to and deliver timely and cost effective in-field projects.

Candidates with long -term experience in data center troubleshooting and operations, strong cabling knowledge, effective multitasking, rigorous dedication and ability to work in EU without Sponsorship. If you wish you apply for the job, you need to contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.

  • Javascript developer

The key responsibility is to help build Telegram for Web. The preferred qualifications is experience in developing fast and efficient JS-code. Interested candidates should contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info. The bot will also notify the candidate whenever the company is holding relevant coding competitions – which are the fastest and easiest way of joining the team.

  • Site reliability engineer

This job requires candidates to have the knowledge of automating routine tasks, proactively identifying and solve potential reliability issues and increasing fault-tolerance of Telegram's multi-data center infrastructure.

People with experience in administering *nix like systems, experience developing in C, Python or Perl; knowledge of bash, network protocols, and network equipment of major manufacturers can apply for the job. Contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info to apply for the job.

  • Android software engineer

Candidates should have the knowledge and ability to develop client-side camera and video compression software for Telegram android apps. Experience in developing in Java for Android, proactive perseverance in maximizing speed and quality on the widest range of Android devices is required for the job. To apply for the job, contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.

  • C/C++ software engineer

Under this role, candidates will have to work on Telegram's custom-built low-level data storage engines distributed across several data-centers.

Candidates should have experience working on scalable C/C++ projects and/or networking protocols, experience working with Linux, top results in programming contests. Contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info to apply for the job.

  • Voice/video calls developer

The key responsibilities involve constantly measure and improve the quality of Telegram voice calls as well as develop automated tests to benchmark Telegram voice calls against the competition. Candidates with deep knowledge of VoIP protocols and codecs and experience working with Android Java and/or iOS Swift will be preferred. Contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.

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