Tesla Cars in UAE: Everything You Need to Know

Published November 19th, 2021 - 10:00 GMT
Tesla Cars in UAE: Everything You Need to Know
It is no surprise that the world is moving further and further towards electric vehicles and the significant benefits adopting them can entail. (shutterstock)

With climate change and pollution dramatically impacting our lives and even survival rates, more and more people are beginning to turn to electric cars like Tesla to help combat climate change. For instance, it is reported that Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) wants to make public transport emission-free by 2050. So far, UAE was able to make 20% of its car fleet electrical, and it aims to have about 42K electric cars by 2030. 

Tesla Model Prices in UAE

It is no surprise that the world is moving further and further towards electric vehicles and the significant benefits adopting them can entail. Despite the fact that we might still have a long way to go, one cannot deny how far the region has come in terms of using electrical cars. And as we all know, Tesla is one of the frontrunners and is gaining quite the popularity in many countries across the globe, including the UAE. As of writing, three sought-after models are available in the UAE. The midsize Model 3 is available in three different drives, Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), Long Range, and Performance, with an approximate price of AED 174,990, AED 194,900 and AED 224,990, respectively. Whereas, the price of the bigger Model S ranges from AED 429,990 to AED 539,990 depending on whether you choose a dual or trio motor drive, with the later being the more expensive one. But when it comes to choosing more advanced features and additional upgrades then Model X should be your go-to Tesla car! The slightly bigger and more comfortable EV is being sold for AED 459,990 for a dual motor, while the trio motor has a price of AED 499,990. Do not let the prices scare you because these vehicles offer much more than just a way to commute, because with them you get to experience a whole new world of driving. 

Here is Where You Can Find Your Dream Tesla in UAE!

These one of a kind cars can either be bought by visiting Tesla’s UAE branch, ordering it online or simply looking for it on online websites, like uae.dubizzle.com and carswitch.com. And guess what, you can find used ones if you are looking to save up some cash! But if you feel like these cars are still a little too expensive for you, or if you simply want to drive one while visiting the UAE, you can easily rent one. By visiting rental websites like oneclickdrive.com and renty.ae, you can get the chance to browse if there are any available Tesla cars to rent. As of writing, the rental price for Model 3 EVs ranges from AED800 to AED1,200 per day. But if you want to rent the bigger sized Model X and Model S, then prices start from around AED1300 per day. 

What’s Next For Tesla Models In UAE? 

In addition to the 3 mentioned models, Tesla has recently announced that midsize SUV Model Y will soon be available for purchase in the UAE! However, orders will not be arriving any time before early 2022 so people have to be patient. Only one of the two versions of Model Y will be available for purchase in the UAE. The Model Y Long Rand will be sold for around AED 234,990. 

Ultimately, cars like Tesla seem to have their own fancy aura and not everyone has the luxury to afford it. Nevertheless, it is pivotal to highlight the shift that is happening in regards to protecting the environment and opting for electric vehicles.

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