Thinking of Licensing Content in Dubai? Read this First!

Published February 14th, 2019 - 10:08 GMT
Licensing content in Dubai can be a simple process, if done correctly (Shutterstock)
Licensing content in Dubai can be a simple process, if done correctly (Shutterstock)

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Dubai is a media hub, with a vibrant and competitive publishing scene, and a vast pool of talented content creators. Dubai Media City, established in 2001, is the creative focal point for local, regional, and international media focusing on the UAE, GCC, and wider MENA region. 

Licensing content in Dubai can feel like a complicated and daunting task. With so many premium publishers creating world-class content, the options seem endless - as do the finer terms and conditions that come with them.


In order to begin syndicating third-party content in Dubai, a documented content strategy is required. This helps publishing and content marketing teams in understanding how much licensed content they require, which sources suit their target audiences, and which formats perform best. 

Read more about developing a content strategy on the DISCO Blog here.

Once a strategy is documented, it is time to approach sources and enquire about licensing options, terms and conditions, and costs. This is where it can get tricky, because like anywhere else in the world, publishers in Dubai care deeply about their content and understand its value. 

If negotiations go well, and agreements are signed, then the process of actually using the content can begin (once, of course, the tech teams have done their work on feed delivery, canonical tags, and other techy aspects). 

The entire process as detailed above can seem overwhelming, but there is another far simpler way to license third-party content in Dubai: DISCO Content Marketplace.

The DISCO platform gives brands and publishers access to thousands of sources for the purpose of acquiring instant licenses to their content. Flexible buying options such as pay-per-use (PPU) give buyers peace of mind, not trapping them into annual subscriptions or having them pay for content they do not use.

Expert curation teams determine which sources will best suit the target audience, and offer detailed advice along the way. 

There are numerous benefits to using DISCO Content Marketplace for any content licensing needs in Dubai, elsewhere in the MENA region, or internationally. Read more here:

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