The UAE in the 2021 Summer: Work From the Beach

Published May 31st, 2021 - 07:00 GMT
working on a beach
Last March, the UAE announced a new remote work visa program. (Shutterstock: Kite_rin)

Have you not always been dreaming of a world where you can do your work while enjoying the best beach sceneries and listening to sea waves? For more than a year now, most of us have been grounded in no-activities life due to the coronavirus, but this might change soon.

With vaccines being rolled out almost in every country around the world, millions of people are now setting their summer goals and looking up vacation destinations to enjoy their lives post-pandemic.

While it is fun and exciting to take a few weeks off to unwind under sun rays, some people might be a little too lucky that they will be able to both continue to show up for work while enjoying their beachy summers.

Thanks to the remote-work reality created by COVID19, granting millions of people the chance to carry out work tasks online without having to be in a physical address all the time, the Working From Home term might soon take a few spins including a Working from a Beach one.

Even though most businesses are returning to offices with the easing of COVID19 restrictions, a number of digital-based ones have decided to either have a full transformation into online work or grant employees the option of whether they would like to work from the office, an option many people are already taking.

Specifically in the UAE, individuals who have the remote-work option can apply for a new type of visa that was announced last March, granting a one-year residency to remote workers. This can be quite useful for people who are looking for long gateways to enjoy their lives away from the cities they had to spend the last year and so in under partial or full lockdowns.

People who are especially fond of being by the coast can find their refuge in this option provided by the UAE government, particularly as the country enjoys warm weather at a time the rest of the world lives through rain and snowstorms. This can easily inspire a new lifestyle, one that has been termed as "working from the beach."

Not only does the UAE aim at increasing tourism in the country in the post-COVID19 era, but it is also trying to provide a one-of-a-kind lifestyle that combines both business and work tasks with the comfort of being on a long-term vacation.

Would you consider relocating to the UAE to work from a beach? What other lifestyles will be seen in the post-pandemic future?

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