The Video Streaming War of 2020: AppleTV+, Disney+ and HBO Max Compete With Netflix

Published January 2nd, 2020 - 01:50 GMT
AppleTV+, Disney+ and HBO Max Ignite the Video Streaming War in 2020
Viewers hope for higher-quality content and better subscription options. (Shutterstock)

With the launch of two major video streaming services in November 2019 in addition to two huge platforms joining the market in the spring of 2020, the video streaming war is more intense than ever.

While Netflix is still the biggest name in the industry, especially when it comes worldwide availability, with about 2000 TV shows and 3,000 movies, other names are emerging as potential players both in the US and internationally.

Netflix has already lost its two most-streamed shows to other major streaming services (The Office to NBC's Peacock and Friends to Warner Media's HBO Max) but is benefiting from its global presence that is keeping it in the lead along with Amazon Prime Video, which also offers a great variety of movies and original shows with worldwide reach.

Hulu is already one of the fiercest fighters in the game, but its limited geographical reach is making it fall behind other services, as it's only available to US viewers, even though the company announced plans for future international expansion.

Disney's acquisition of Hulu last May has sparked lots of speculations about whether the mother company will absorb Hulu's library or not.

AppleTV+: November 2019

Apple's promising video streaming services may not be the most successful of all at the moment, but clearly has huge future plans that should scare its competitors.

The service that is available in 100 countries worldwide grants subscribers access to only Apple original shows and movies for $4.99 per month, with no ads. AppleTV+'s library is not the biggest one out there, but it sure is planning to grow with 30 shows and movies in the making. 

Streaming AppleTV+ on the web and on mobile (limited to IOS devices), experts have detected a few technical features that are available in other services, like the skip intro button.

AppleTV+ may not threaten the success of other older streaming services during 2020, but it has potential to be a great competitor. 

Disney+: November 2019

The family entertainment-oriented service is a few steps ahead of other streaming starters thanks to tons of Disney productions that are popular all over the world. 

At a monthly cost of $8.99 Disney+ is only available in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico, but has plans of expansion to the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland and other European countries during 2020. The Disney service is expected to offer more and more titles in the coming year. 

Although sports content is a whole other ball game, Disney's offer of ESPN+ in its bundle will certainly place it at an advantage.

Peacock: April 2020

NBC's upcoming service offers little details on its country availability but has already taken over a number of popular shows, including Friends which was the second most-streamed show on Netflix.

The network has also announced a number of promising originals, but it's going to be an uphill battle going up against some of the other giants. 

HBO Max: – May 2020

Warner Media is expected to lunch its latest streaming service, HBO Max, to viewers in the US during May 2020 and it is planning to expand its viewership to Latin America in 2021.

Warner Media has already announced a large library for which it will charge subscribers $14.99, which is making it the most expensive streaming service so far.

The war between video streaming giants is expected to witness a new high during 2020 and viewers are hoping that the fierce competition will result in more titles, higher-quality content, and better subscription options.

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