Tapped or Bottled? Learn About Water in These MENA Countries 

Published March 21st, 2021 - 03:00 GMT
tapped and bottled water
The study tracked the most expensive and the cheapest cities in terms of water costs. (Shutterstock: AVAVA)

Today and always, water has been the number 1 most important source of life on earth. It is the main element that makes our planet different from the other uninhabitable ones in our solar system.

Yet, water can be quite expensive in certain parts of the world, due to many factors such as water abundance, water quality, and the population consuming it in a certain country.

Drinking water, however, has always drawn interest due to the crucial need for it to be clean enough for people to stay healthy. This need has inspired humanity to use special filters and to bottle it in secure containers to keep it clean.

This has created the distinction between tapped water, often deemed as filled with impurities as opposed to healthy recommended bottled water.

Recently, holidu.com conducted a study on the costs of tapped and bottled waters in several countries around the world, in an attempt to provide this information for future tourists, whose decisions of visiting a country are often influenced by whether or not its drinking water is clean enough.

The study has measured the water quality in addition to the monthly consumption cost of both tapped and bottled water in each country, considering that the global average of water consumption per person per month is 15 cubic meters.

According to the report, Oslo, Stockholm, and the US's Los Angeles, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Virginia Beach are the cities with the most expensive bottled water around the world, with prices ranging between $1.81 to $1.44 USD.

However, Beirut, Bangalore, Accra, Lagos, and Istanbul, have prices ranging from $0.036 and $0.18 for bottled water. 

Meanwhile, the cheapest tapped water existed in Riyadh $0.036, Cairo $0.083, Karachi $0.095, Kuala Lumpur $0.24, and Beirut $0.26.

Did any of these figures surprise you? Would you consider visiting the countries with the most expensive bottled water?

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