Why Do Employees' End of Year Evaluations Matter?

Published December 13th, 2020 - 04:00 GMT
Why Do Employees' End of the Year Evaluations Matter?
Well structuring the criteria according to which employees are being evaluated, helps managers have an easier and clearer evaluation task. (Shutterstock: LeoWolfert)

Now that we are approaching the end of the year, most businesses around the world are conducting performance reviews also known as evaluations, through which every manager or team leader gets to measure how each individual they supervise has used their office time throughout the year. But how does this influence the businesses they work for?

In addition to it being part of constructive feedback practices that help individuals trace their year-to-year accomplishments, which usually drives more satisfaction on their part, performance reviews can be a great source of help for people in leadership positions.

One of the most important factors that help managers run a successful evaluation process, is to set annual goals for each individual member, in addition to goals that the whole team should work on achieving during the next 12 months. Well structured the criteria according to which employees are being evaluated, helps managers have an easier and clearer evaluation task.

Also, making the criteria announced to the rest of the team helps supervisors avoid falling for personal preferences or being accused of highlighting the achievements of certain individuals but ignoring others.

Moreover, performance evaluations are meant to identify the highest achieving members of the team, which only helps at rewarding them in ways that guarantee even better results during the new year. They also help decision-makers place team members who were not able to meet their goals, so they can help them set improvement plans for the next year.

Conducting performance evaluations is a great way to motivate team members to pin down their annual goals, responsibilities, and the expected outcome they are supposed to deliver within a year, which can be a great source of success for the whole team.

Having annual evaluations conducted for employees by their supervisors can be a great way to celebrate a 12-month long chapter coming to an end, helping staff members recognize their successes, strength points, and hard work, while also reminding them of the various areas or skills they will need to work harder on, as it gets included in the goals for the new year.

Does your organization conduct end of year performance evaluations? What is the most rewarding part of the process, in your opinion?

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