Why Is This the Right Time to Invest in UAE?

Published February 9th, 2021 - 02:30 GMT
Why Is This  the Right Time to Invest in UAE?
The country is already showing great signs of recovery after the COVID19 crisis. (Shutterstock: Patryk Kosmider)

The UAE has for decades now been the Middle East's vital hub for business and success, which has encouraged billions of dollars worth of investments over the years.

And yet, recent changes in the country are pointing at the possibility of it becoming the ideal spot for investments on an international level.

Not only does the UAE offer citizens and residents unbelievably high living standards and strict laws that help capital owners feel safer about their plans, but it has also utilized its location and reputation over the years to attract business people and investors from all over the world, making it the ultimate place to meet and connect with the best talents needed for any successful bid.

Moreover, the UAE continues to be a zero-income country, which by itself a great incentive for business people who would like to start their projects without having to worry about splitting their early profit with governments.

Plans to diversify the country's economy and boost its sectors' recovery efforts have all been focused on the post-pandemic era, especially as the country continues to roll out the world's second-largest vaccination campaign per capita. This particularly seems to be heading towards a profitable territory as the real estate industry is reporting a rising demand for residential sales and rentals in the country during H2 of 2020, according to Chestertons.

The Emirates has also been ranked the top country in the region on the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) 2020, while it climbed to the fourth one on an international level.

Additionally, the UAE's latest social and legal reforms announced last November have been perceived as expat-friendly. Amongst the recently announced rulesك allowing people from all faiths to purchase Alcohol, allowing non-married couples to live together, and dissociating marriage and inheritance laws from Islamic laws for non-Emiratis in the country.

By the end of 2020, the UAE had also announced new laws that enable non-Emiratis to possess their own commercial firms in the country, making it significantly easier for expats to carry out their plans of starting their own businesses in the right place.

Last month, the UAE government announced the first-ever program to grant citizenship to eligible foreigners, including investors, entrepreneurs, artists and other professionals.

What other reasons do you think make the UAE the perfect MENA spot to start a business in? What industries do you think will have the higher chances of success in terms of investments in the country?

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