Will the Pixel 4a Help Google Win Back Its Disappointed Clients After Pixel 4 Fell Short?

Published January 7th, 2020 - 12:30 GMT
After a Disappointing Pixel 4, Will the Pixel 4a Help Google Win Back Its Disappointed Clients?
Pixel 4a has the huge responsibility of restoring users' faith in Google phones (Twitter)

After a series of disappointing flagship devices, most notably its Pixel 4, Google has reportedly been planning to launch a device that would revive the popularity of its Pixel series. Online leaks have been promising a better, although less innovative, version under the name Pixel 4a.

As early as it was released, users of Pixel 4 reported problems with its unlock face recognition technology saying that it's still functional even when a user's eyes are closed, which could pose as a major violation of privacy.

User reviews have also cited issues related to the phone's battery performance, screen colors, and brightness. Additionally, Pixel 4's Motion Sense feature did not live up to expectations, even though it was one of the fresh features used to promote the smartphone.

After many negative comments in response to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, leaks are suggesting the Pixel 4a will have the huge responsibility of restoring users' faith in Google phones, even though it's not one of Google's flagship products.

Technology YouTuber Dave2D posted a video with detailed specifications he thinks Google has already incorporated in its latest smartphone. 

Dave2D expects the Pixel 4a to be a popular choice for many users, mainly because it's jam-packed with essential feature favorites and because it's an inexpensive device.

In a YouTube video, the online tech show Lew Later also discussed leaked information regarding the device and seemed to have high hopes for it.

Promising a beautiful design, the Pixel 4a is expected to come in one size only, unlike previous Pixel devices, but it will be available in three different color combinations: black body and a green power button, white and coral, in addition to blue and hot pink. This variety of colors aims to attract younger generations of smartphone users to purchase the Pixel 4a.

Google's Pixel 4a battery is expected to be the same as the one in the Pixel 3 device with 3000mah. Moreover, the device's back will most probably be made of plastic or polycarbonate, which makes it a light-weight phone that is hard to break.

Pixel 4a is likely to include a fingerprint sensor as it will not be equipped with the face-recognition feature that failed its predecessor.

The lack of Soli sensors - Google's motion sensor tech - explains the low cost of the device, which according to Dave2D, should not be more than $399, which is half the price of the Pixel 4. 

According to various unofficial sources, the Pixel 4a will only include one rear camera and will keep the headphone jack that has disappeared from many of the latest smartphones.

In terms of its processor, the device is expected to have either the snapdragon 6 series or the 765 one. As for its operating system, the phone will likely have the latest version of Android.

In Lew Later's words, the Pixel 4a has the potential to have 90% of the Pixel 4 features but for half of the cost, if these online rumors prove to be correct.

It's still unclear if Google has plans to announce Pixel 4a details officially during CES 2020, the first global tech event of the year that will take place in Las Vegas between the 7th and 10th of January.

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