Working Life Begins at 40 for Many Omani Women

Published June 21st, 2017 - 02:02 GMT
More women above the age of 40 are seeking jobs in Oman. (AFP/ File)
More women above the age of 40 are seeking jobs in Oman. (AFP/ File)

More women above the age of 40 are seeking jobs in Oman, according to the latest information from the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The NCSI June 2017 Bulletin showed a 51 per cent jump in the number of women over the age of 40 looking for jobs through the Ministry of Manpower. 

During the months of April and May, 307 women signed up as job seekers. This increase in applicants is dramatic when compared with the May 2017 Bulletin, which had only 50 women over the age of 40 apply for jobs during the February to March period.

Iman Al Ghafri, chairperson at the Omani Women’s Association, believes there are two main reasons accounting for the dramatic rise in women applying as jobseekers. “One of the reasons is that most of them have finished raising their children and they have the opportunity to work again. Omani Law does not stop women over the age of 40 to get recruited.”

“Another reason is that they have finished their government job and retired from that job, and found better opportunities in the private sector. That shows how appealing the private sector is to talented females above the age of 40,” Ghafri said.

According to the OWA Chairperson, the dramatic spike in applicants between the time periods of February to March and April to May could be attributed to retirement. Fortunately for them, Ghafri suggests that women shouldn’t worry about stereotypes, especially when there is a demand.

“The perception from the community and society is very different than the need in the private sector. The community perception of women above the age of 40 not appealing for work is being disregarded by the private sector. There is an increase in employment chances for women and they get recruited. That goes to show the private sector is giving opportunity regardless of the age group,” Ghafri stated.

By Khadija Alzadjali


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