6 Young Arab Innovators Who Have Achieved Unmatched Success

Published April 21st, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
Arab innovator
Many young Arabs have excelled in their fields in recent years, making us proud. (Shutterstock: as-artmedia)

Thinking of Arab innovations people often remember the names of scientists who have contributed to humanity some thousands of years ago. And while names of historic figures who have left a great impact on the world still matter, it is equally important to recognize and celebrate young Arab innovators of this age.

Celebrating the World Creativity and Innovation Day can be a great opportunity for us to explore some of the brightest minds amongst Arab youth, many of whom are scientists and inventors who are using their skills combined with their passions for humanity's best interest.

In this article, we are shedding light on the names of eight different Arab innovators from different countries in the region, hoping the list can grow longer in the coming years;

1. Sadeem Qdaisat 

Sadeem Qdaisat 

Jordanian medical researcher and innovator Sadeem has been crowned as the top winner of the 8th season of the popular Stars of Science show, thanks to his invention: GenomiQ.

GenomiQ is an automated testing device that can examine whether a person has developed a number of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Sadeem is continuing his studies as a PhD candidate at the University of Florida's Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program where he is focused on cancer genetics.

2. Mohamed El-Brolosy

Inspired by Egypt's Nobel laureate in Chemistry Ahmed Zewail, El-Brolosy developed an immense interest in sciences at an early age. He graduated from the German University in Cairo with a BA in pharmacy and biochemistry and is now a doctoral student at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim.

In 2020, Mohamed identified a mechanism that has been called genetic compensation, through which genes can develop themselves in a way that helps the human body avoid developing defects or diseases.

3. Tuka Alhanani

Graduating with a PhD from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2019, UAE-based Tuka is not only the leader of the Laboratory for Computer-Human Intelligence at New York University Abu Dhabi, but also a tech entrepreneur who runs her own Ghamut Corporation, through which she and her team develop products that build communities, by providing professional services in the domain of software engineering, machine learning, data infrastructure, project management, and business strategy.

4. Ali Al Ebrahim

With a background in Business Administration, Kuwait-national Ali was named as the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by Arabian Business Magazine, thanks to his innovation COFE App, which he had launched back in 2017.

The online coffee-centric marketplace has been growing in popularity in Kuwait, KSA, the UAE, and the UK and has the potential of becoming a worldwide lead.

5. Wadah Maleeb

Wadah is a Lebanese engineer who has also excelled during his participation at the Star of Science show, where he showcased his biomedical project the Ductal Organoid-on-a-Chip.

In Wadah's own words: the project incorporates "a small plastic chip in which you can grow cells that stick to the tiny surfaces inside the chip to create 3D organoids," ones that make it easier for doctors to test medicines on semi-body parts without harming humans' organs.

6. Imane El Khantouti

Imane is one of two Moroccans who made it to the African Space Industry’s Top 10 Under 30 list, thanks to her interest in STEM, one that is said to have developed during her participation at a STEM camp program in the IVY Tech community college, Fort Wayne.

After her graduation as an Aerospace engineer from the International University of Rabat, Imane is leading a team of engineering students at the Centre Spatiale Universitaire de Grenoble in France.

Due to her love and dedication for her work, Imane has been Morocco’s National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council.

Do you know other young Arab innovators who would belong to this list? 

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