Your Winning Plan to Get Through This Coronavirus Emergency

Published March 12th, 2020 - 11:57 GMT
Your Winning Plan During This Coronavirus Emergency
A long homestay can be challenging if individuals are not well prepared for it. (Shutterstock)

Trying to tackle the fast coronavirus outbreak taking over the planet more and more everyday, many countries are announcing general shutdowns for the next few weeks, hoping to limit the number of people infected.

A long home stay can be challenging, if individuals are not well prepared for it, so here are some tips that can help you get ready, not only to survive the next few weeks, but to hopefully enjoy them.

1. Set your priorities 

Make sure you include your family's elderly, sick, kids, and pets in your plan. Not only do you need to make sure you have secured their day to day needs, but also their long-term ones, such as medication and medical devices.

Also, try to prepare for indoor physical activities to keep everyone healthy and entertained.

Moreover, try to include the poor and the homeless in your plans, especially if you can afford to help them find a decent place for shelter. You can also take some time to make a donation to local charities that can provide them with food or medication.

2. Set your needs and schedule your shopping trips

At this point, you need to write a list of all the things you'll need to purchase so you don't have to leave your house very often, mainly; drinking water, food, medication, cleaning products, and other household needs.

Make sure you're not stocking up large quantities of unnecessary stuff and always be thoughtful of people who might need certain things more than you do.

If you'll be taking care of elderly people or kids, try to get everything you'll need to create indoor fun activities to keep them busy, such as books, board or card games. 

It's never a bad idea to get some vitamins and health supplements to help them maintain a strong immune system.

3. Check your internet connection over the next months

The internet will be your most important source of information over the next weeks, especially if you've been asked to carry on with your work tasks from home. If you have kids, they'll probably have to enroll in online classes too.

Visit or call your internet provider to make sure your subscription will be valid for the next few months. 

4. Identify a good online grocery shopping option

It's pretty important to avoid leaving your house to the extent possible. Grocery shopping may probably be the only reason you'll need to get out at least once a week unless you can order your needs through online services on a regular basis.

5. Stay informed and keep the people around you updated

Learning coronavirus-related updates will help you and your family stay safe. Keep track of all the information available and make sure you explain it to people around you, without causing anyone to panic.

6. Spend wisely and keep your savings 

Unfortunately, the longer home stays last, the more vulnerable different businesses become, which is why many companies are laying off their employees or asking their staff members to take unpaid leaves.

Keep your spending under control so you are able to afford your essential needs until the end of the crisis.

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