By an 8 to 1 Margin, Americans Say U.S. Should Side with Israel in Conflict with the Palestinians

Published March 16th, 2010 - 10:00 GMT

A bipartisan poll (PDF) commissioned by The Israel Project (TIP) underscores America’s committment to Israel. The poll found that Americans continue to overwhelmingly support Israel in its conflict with the Palestinians. Fully 57 percent of respondents believe the United States should take Israel’s side in the conflict; only 7 percent think the United States should back the Palestinians.

Asked why they side with Israel, many respondents noted the country’s democratic government. “I support Israel because they have democracy, not oligarchy or dictatorship. They are one of the few who have democracy in the Middle East,” one respondent said. Many others noted that Israel is an ally of the United States.

Said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project, “It’s important to know that U.S. voters care so deeply about Israel.”

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, Ph.D. of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research said, “In this era of partisan politics and polarization, there are at least two issues that continue to unite Democrats, Republicans and independents: stopping the threat of Iran and their support for Israel.”

The poll also showed continued concern with Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. About 7 of 10 Americans who voted in 2008 agree that “even with all the problems America faces at home now, we must still work hard to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” and almost three-quarters support expanding international economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran.

Said Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies, the Republican partner of TIP’s bi-partisan polling team, “While Republicans and Democrats see eye-to-eye on very few issues in the current political environment, they overwhelming agree with expanding economic sanctions against Iran, with more than 70 percent of both Republicans and Democrats agreeing.”

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