Bin Laden: Obama suppurts Israeli occupation of Palestine

Published March 25th, 2010 - 03:04 GMT

Osama bin Laden threatened in a new audio recording to kill any Americans that al-Qaeda takes prisoner if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, considered as one of the masterminds behind the September 11 attacks, is executed. The latest recording purportedly from the al-Qaeda chief was broadcast on Al Jazeera on Thursday.


Bin Laden also said that Barack Obama, the US president, is "following in the footsteps of his predecessor." "The politicians in the White House were practicing injustice against us and still they are. Especially by supporting Israel in its continuous occupation of Palestine.


"They used to think that America across the oceans is protected from the rage of the oppressed until our reaction was loudly heard at your home on the 9/11 with God’s help," he says in the recording.





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