10 Items You Might Want to Sell on Ebay to Make Rich on Monthly Basis

Published January 9th, 2019 - 02:08 GMT

If you're looking to make extra cash in January and ditch unwanted goods, selling these online could be the perfect solution.

According to research from eBay, most homes have up to 50 unused items, and if sold could potentially net a tidy profit of $865.05.

Before you round up your possessions, you may want to take look at information eBay has shared revealing its top ten best sellers along with the average price for each.

From old DVDs to shoes, perfumes and kitchen appliances, this handy guide outlines the items Australians should sell on eBay in January.

1. Kitchen appliances

Many kitchens are full to overflowing with appliances that are not always used as often as they should be.

So rather than allowing these to take up extra room, decide which you use regularly, and those you can part with.

eBay reports items such as Kitchen Aid mixers are hot sellers, so if you have one spare and it's in good condition, the average price you can expect to sell this for is $264.64.

2. Video game consoles

If you've upgraded the family video game console, it might be worth boxing up the old one offering this for sale.

Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch are all sought-after on eBay, however, sales are dependent on condition.

The average price for a second-hand Xbox is $166.01.

3. Video games

While you're in the process of decluttering your old electronics, take a look to see if you've any video games around the home which are no longer used.

eBay says there's plenty of demand for pre-owned games on its site.

The average price you can expect receive is $23.06.

4. Smartphones

New smartphones are a popular Christmas gift, and if you've been lucky enough to receive one, chances are your old one is now spare.

Instead of leaving your phone to languish in a cupboard only to be forgotten about, list it immediately and make yourself some quick cash.

eBay reveals the average price for a second-hand smartphone is $309.65.

5. Shoes

If you've shopped the sales, you've probably picked up a few bargains which means your wardrobe might need clearing out.

Shoes, especially those in good condition or new, fetch a good sum on the site.

The price can depend on whether these are a designer label or not. Expect customers to pay an average of $28.93 a pair.

6. Laptops

If you've recently splashed out and bought a new laptop, consider selling your old one to offset the cost.

What you make online will depend on what you are offering. Some such as Macs tend to hold their value longer.

eBay says the average selling price for a second-hand MacBook Air is $709.79.

7. Board games

The sad reality is board games, while great fun the first few times they're played, can quickly lose their appeal.

So, if this is the case, and you've got a few taking up space, check to see they're in good condition, and offer these for sale.

The average price you can expect for a game of Scrabble is $13.36.

8. DVDs and Blu-rays

Myriad streaming services can mean your DVD and Blu-ray collection is now just taking up space and collecting dust.

Instead of ditching these under the belief they don't hold any value, list them online.

The average price for these items is $7.85.

9. DVD players and home cinemas

This time of year is perfect for an electronics upgrade.

So if you've decided to treat the family with a new home entertainment centre, consider off-loading your old one online.

Second-hand DVD players will fetch up to $78.19 on average.

10. Unopened perfume

If you're received a perfume that's not to your taste, don't leave it languishing on your dresser.

Perfumes which are unopened sell well on the site, says eBay.

The average price for a second-hand fragrance is $31.20.

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