4 Jailed For Stealing Treasure Trove From Dubai Villa

Published March 21st, 2019 - 02:43 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

The villa belonged to a German resident.

Four men, who broke into a villa and stole five watches worth Dh 60,000 ($16,332), each received a six-month prison term from a Dubai court.

According to public prosecution records, the four Chinese visitors used a hammer to break into a villa in Al Barsha on December 19 last year. The villa belonged to a German resident. During the robbery, the thieves also broke a glass door, causing Dh2,300 worth of damages.

Prosecutors referred to the four men as gang members when they charged them with robbery, trespassing and damage to private property. They called for the most severe legal penalty possible against the defendants as they remain in detention.

The Court of First Instance also ordered their deportation.

The complainant, a 34-year-old general manager, said he was not in the house when the robbery took place. "I tried in vain to turn the lights on. I heard something falling down. With the flashlight of my mobile phone, I saw the door glass was broken."

He checked around and then went to his bedroom. "My closet was opened and in a mess. My five watches, worth Dh60,000, were missing. They were on display on a table near my bed," he recounted during investigation.

"I think the thieves cut the power off on purpose. They also broke the villa's back door."

A police lieutenant said they received the robbery report at 8:30 pm. "We heard from the victim that he had left the villa at 9am for work. He came back around 7pm."

Considering the multiple robbery incidents during that period, with the same modus operandi, the Dubai police coordinated and exchanged information with police in other emirates. "We found out the culprits were Chinese. We circulated their descriptions to all the CID patrols and tracked the accused down to Al Warsan," the lieutenant told the prosecution investigator.

The police apprehended the suspects after being tipped-off that they were involved in another robbery that took place around 8:30 pm on December 29 last year.

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