Acro Yoga Lovers Inspire 626,000 Instagram Followers With Sexy Moves

Published September 10th, 2018 - 11:58 GMT
Hannah GypsyOn and her partner Pablo Frost (Instagram)
Hannah GypsyOn and her partner Pablo Frost (Instagram)

An ambitious acro yoga loving couple have propelled themselves to Instagram-stardom by inspiring more than 626,000 followers with their sensational moves.

Spectacular images and video clips show the flexible pair carefully executing a series of high-flying moves including the flag, mermaid and scorpion poses under the watchful eye of their golden retriever. Other stunning clips show the pair practicing on the beach under a beautiful rainbow.

The incredible pictures show Hannah GypsyOn, 29, and her partner Pablo Frost, 29, from Austin, Texas. The couple have been practicing together ever since they first met at an acro yoga festival in March last year.

'Pablo and I both have similar philosophies on the benefits of acro yoga other than the more obvious physical strength and body awareness you are building,' said Hannah.

'Especially in the western world where men don't hug and touch and can seem an uninvited guest, we both found solace in connecting with utter strangers so quickly and in a form of safe touch.



'Well, it's still summer here in Austin and Texas heat is like no other so we've been practicing a lot more indoors.

'We like to practice outdoors though, at parks, or just if we see a cool mural in the city to snap a photo.

'The other day we did a hand to hand on the whole foods escalator. That was pretty challenging.

'In my images, you can see a connection. Pablo and I are very similar and come from the same place on most big issues.


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