After Pilot, Astronaut, Barbie Back in the Kitchen Making Women Libbers Hit Roof

Published November 16th, 2018 - 02:00 GMT
(Daily Mail)
(Daily Mail)

Barbie has been a fighter pilot and astronaut – and worn a hijab.

But now a toy set to be a Christmas best-seller has put her back in the kitchen – infuriating gender equality campaigners. The pink £49.99 Barbie Ultimate Kitchen is in the top 12 dream Christmas toys listed by a Toy Retailers Association panel.

It includes an oven, a fryer, a fridge and a press for children to make chips and vegetables.

Newcastle Labour MP Chi Onwurah attacked the toy yesterday saying it could limit aspirations.

She insisted: ‘I’d really like to know who is on this panel and why they insist little girls “must have” pink kitchens for Christmas.

‘Girls and boys shouldn’t have their imaginations – and ultimately their careers – limited by toy marketers.’

Miss Onwurah stressed: ‘Toys should help them discover what they love to do – not keep them in the kitchen.’

However, industry analyst Frederique Tutt defended the toy, saying: ‘It’s all about lifestyle now with Barbie dolls. She’s not just a housewife cooking for Ken. She’s watched the Great British Bake Off and she’s being innovative with her cooking.’

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