American in Arabia blows Bin Laden's cowboy cover

Published July 9th, 2013 - 12:17 GMT
Osama bin Laden may have copied George W. Bush in his element. (image courtesy of News Busters)
Osama bin Laden may have copied George W. Bush in his element. (image courtesy of News Busters)

Just when we comedians thought there was no more George W. Bush material, the Pakistani government comes along and drops this warhead right into our laps.

According to the recent leaks from ‘The Abbottad Commission’ , Al Qaeda’s poster boy Osama bin Laden managed to live undetected in the middle of a Pakistani suburb for almost six years.  The reason behind the report was to find out how in God’s green earth OBL pulled this off.

Apparently,  in 2005 Osama and his posse bought a massive compound, covered it with barbed wire and hunkered down. The neighbors were none the wiser and probably just thought that Santa bought a summer home.

Per the report, the cops didn’t even know he was there.  Every now and then Benny L got bored and cruised the streets and once, he got pulled over.  The po-po claim they thought he was just another tall Arab-foreigner with a long beard and they let him off.  

The icing on the cake came from Osama’s wife herself.  The FBI’s most wanted man and George Bush’s arch nemesis managed to stay incognito by disguising himself as, prepare yourself for this… George Bush.  If one of OBL’s harem is telling the truth, in order to not be noticed in his compound, the thorn in America’s side would wear a cowboy hat.

While I’m glad he’s gone, I’ve got to give props to Osama for his chutzpah. Ten years on the run and he spent six of them at his own “Crawford Ranch”, trotting around in his 5 gallon hat and most likely blaring Hank Williams Junior out of his Ford Truck.

Maybe that’s why the Pakistani police didn’t recognize him. 

By Brett Weer 




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