An American in Arabia: New Exclusive Feature to Al Bawaba

Published February 2nd, 2012 - 10:12 GMT
Brett Weer launches his documented sojourn in the Middle East with a running commentary feature via Al Bawaba.
Brett Weer launches his documented sojourn in the Middle East with a running commentary feature via Al Bawaba.

Al Bawaba is proud to announce a new 'Editor's Choice' which we hope will become your choice feature too, courtesy of an American (our very own 'Yank' in residence) who has endeared himself already to the good denizens of these Arab parts. He is curious, brash and exceedingly optimistic that honest tales of encounters, strewn with inspiration and positive insights will save the day in the Western-Mideast rift of misunderstanding. Through his conversational anecdotes, he shatters misconceptions article by article, happy to share his impressions of the Arabs he comes across, while lending us his own personable take on the hot-off-the press-stories- whizzing out of the region.

As he explores his raw musings on the Arabs and all things Araby, in their 'desert' habitat, he invites us to join him on his ride through the 'hot' Middle East that everyone wants to get a handle on or hand into. Watch this space as he shares everything from his opinions to his learning - and all delivered, as often as not, with a dash of humor.

A word from the feature writer, the veritable American in Arabia: Brett Weer

I am no expert on Arab politics and cultures; My background is writing, speaking and comedy. I am, however, unashamedly American and unabashedly in love with the Middle East. After being here for four years, I am officially addicted to hookah and hummus. In an attempt to learn more, I have decided to open up to you--my Arab or Arab-curious community. Journey with my interactions, as I shoot from the hip on current topics relevant to Arab Countries. These articles are my way of giving a foreigner’s perspective on life in the Middle East but always with some grit and cheek. I will never claim to have all the answers. In fact, I’m counting on you all to bring me up to speed on any of the issues. At the same time, allow me to stretch your worldview a bit since I will be approaching things from some non-traditional angles. My hope is that all of us will move towards a better, happier, more jovial coexistence. Join me here!

By Brett Weer

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