American Wins $50K Lottery Ticket After Leaving it for 2 Months

Published January 18th, 2019 - 04:00 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File)
(Shutterstock/ File)

A Maryland man is celebrating a $50,000 lottery win after his father reminded him to check a ticket that had been on his dashboard for two months.

The 28-year-old man told Maryland Lottery officials he didn't want any change from a Nov. 4 purchase at Royal Farms #66 in Baltimore so he asked for a Bonus Match 5 ticket.

"I hate change so I said give me a Lottery ticket," the winner said. "I've probably purchased maybe four tickets. Total. Ever."

The man said he put the ticket on the dashboard of his car and forgot about it until two months later, when his dad asked about it.

"It was on the dashboard of my car. I gave it to my dad to check," he said. "I never checked it until Pops told me to check."

The man said he was skeptical when his father told him the ticket was a $50,000 winner.

"I told him he was full of [it]," the man said.

The winner said he plans to use the money to make "a good down payment on a house" and treat his father.

"I'm going to get him a nice steak dinner in D.C.," the man said.

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