Car bomb in Sassine Square, east Beirut: Lebanese bloodshed for Syria

Published October 19th, 2012 - 01:27 GMT
Car bomb in Sassine Square, east  Beirut
Car bomb in Sassine Square, east Beirut

A blast shattered Sassine Square in Achrafiyeh locality in Beirut Friday afternoon, leading to the death and injury of numerous victims, NNA correspondent reported, adding that the bomb was placed near a residential area facing Farah Library, 200 meters away from Kataeb House, (the Phalange Party) while no politician was targeted in the explosion.

Beirut Fire Department reported transporting five injured people, three of whom in critical condition, while Red Cross and Civil Defense continue to transport causalities and wounded to hospitals.

Black smoke covered the sky in said area, as several citizens were wounded by debris and broken glass while in their homes. 

Security Forces requested citizens clear the area to facilitate the rescue operation of those wounded in the blast.

More details to follow.

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