Boozed-Up Couple's Full-Fledged Hanky Panky in Dubai Taxi

Published May 19th, 2012 - 05:00 GMT
Did they or didn't they commit any sexual activity in the back seat of the Dubai taxi?
Did they or didn't they commit any sexual activity in the back seat of the Dubai taxi?

A man is being questioned over allegedly having sex with his fiancée in the back of a taxi while they were both drunk.

Prosecutors are currently questioning the Irish man, C.M., and 27-year-old British woman, R.B., over primary alleged charges of public indecency, consensual sex and consuming liquor, sources told Gulf News on Wednesday.

It is understood the pair strongly deny the allegations.

"C.M. and R.B. were boozed up when they were reported to a nearby police patrol that they indulged in sexual activity in the taxi's rear seat in an area close to Dubai Marina," a source told Gulf News.

"Meanwhile C.M. countered those claims, according to his statement, contending that R.B. is his fiancée and that she was sad when he hugged her only."


"They couple deny involving in any form of sexual intimacy or public indecency."

The source added: "The suspects were said to have been sitting behind the driver's seat.

"It took nearly two minutes from the point where the taxi picked them up till the point where the police patrol stopped them.

"It would have been impossible for the woman to have taken off her shirt and initiated a sexual activity within a time span of two minutes.

"They admitted that they consumed alcohol… but they remained dressed and were not caught naked or involved in any form of sexual interaction."

A prosecution source told Gulf News that the case is currently under investigation.

"We are still waiting for forensic reports to prove whether the couple had sex or indulged in any form of sexual activity," the source said.

"On May 30, the investigating prosecutor will hear the statements of the Asian driver, Q.K., who is believed to have reported the incident, and the arresting officer.

"The suspects were released on bail after spending five days in detention in Jebel Ali police station."

The incident happened some time after midnight. It could not be confirmed whether the driver reported the matter or whether police officers on patrol spotted the couple engaged in an indecent act.

"Apparently DNA and forensic tests seem to be negative so far," the source said.

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