Bosnian Chefs Hits World Record, Makes 12,000 Pancakes in 8 Hours

Published October 27th, 2018 - 10:00 GMT

A group of Bosnian chefs on Friday set a world record by preparing 12,874 pancakes in less than 8 hours.

Within the scope of the Sarajevo Tourism Festival in the country's capital Sarajevo, nearly 140 chefs broke the previous Guinness World Record held by Russian chefs with 12,716 pancakes prepared in 8 hours.

Nermin Hodzic, president of Chefs Association, said 15 referees monitored their attempt for the new record as they are waiting for the ratification from the officials of Guinness World Records.

Hodzic said that gastronomy has a special place in Sarajevo Tourism Festival.

Meanwhile, the pancakes were distributed to the citizens of Bosnia and the asylum seekers in Usivak barracks in Sarajevo via a humanitarian organization.

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