Budding Bloggers Tell Tales, Photo Shoots on World Roads

Published August 17th, 2018 - 10:06 GMT

From the outside it can seem as though travel bloggers are living a dream life with holidays part of the 'job' and free clothes from iconic brands for photo shoots.

But for every perk there's a range of downsides to being on the road 24/7 - namely being partially homeless and having to wake up extra early to take photos.

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up some of the top reality checks faced by budding bloggers around the globe.

Travelling to some of the most untouched places in the world has its perks - less people in your shot, clearer waterways generally and gaining a clearer understanding of how small we are on the Earth - just to name a few.

But with isolation comes a general feeling of paranoia, particularly when you're in a country you don't know your way around in, and a sense that you might not always be safe.

Elise Cook and her husband Domenic Palumbo have been travelling around Australia in their VW Kombi Scout for a little over a year now, and said they initially had 'all kinds of horror scenes playing out in their head'.

'I'd often get my kitchen knife out and accidentally fall asleep with it. Dom didn't enjoy that, so I had to give it up,' Elise remarked on her website Down The Rabbit Hole.

But things changed as they spent more time on the road.

'In all honesty, I don't get scared at all anymore. I feel incredibly safe, and it's only ever been animals that have given me a fright. Also - the more remote we are, the safer we feel. It's in towns or cities that you get a little more edgy,' she explained.

For travelling couple Marie Fe and Jake Snow it has been the missing of flights - and subsequent loss of funds - that frustrated them the most.

'We have missed flights due to simply locking in the wrong date,' they wrote on their blog Fairytales Are Real.

'The missed flight that really comes to mind was when we were in Bangkok waiting for our flight to leave to the Philippines. We were sitting in our hotel room after we had dinner when we decided to check the time of our flight for the first time in weeks.

'For some reason we were so certain on a specific date. We had repeated this date so many times it had ingrained into our minds as the right date. It wasn't! We found out the flight was actually the morning before so we missed that one and the connecting flight afterwards.'

They've also made plans only to have them changed at the last minute.

'Most travellers would know what it's like to arrive at the airport ready to book in only to realise that you need an onward ticket from your destination. We have had a lot of trouble with this and have only recently learnt our lesson,' they remarked.

'On one occasion when I was flying to the U.S. to meet Marie right at the start of our relationship, we ended up booking three flights we never used just to get on the flight to the US. I booked a flight to Mexico first, which I realised afterwards doesn't count as an onward ticket. Then we both booked a flight to Costa Rica thinking this could potentially be our next destination. In the end, we decided to go to Mexico on a different date. Another $700 down the drain!' Jake said.

While most of us are struggling to put a down payment on a deposit in our twenties, many have sealed the deal and entered the property market after a few years in the workforce.

But for the travellers among us, it's much easier to just stay in hotels provided by brands and not have an exclusive 'home base' - which by modern standards - make them essentially homeless.

'I don't have an apartment, and I haven't for two years,' Alyssa Ramosof (@mylifesatravelmovie) told Cosmopolitan.

While she's on the road Alyssa leaves her bigger belongings in a storage unit

'If I need or want a break, I'll get a hotel or Airbnb in a place I feel comfortable for two weeks or so, then I start traveling again,' she explained.

Most travel bloggers want to showcase the view or an important monument in their shot - but they don't want hundreds of people walking around in the background.

The only way that's possible is if they get to the shooting location before everyone else does, which is likely around 5am.

Lauren Bullen, also known online as Gypsea Lust, gave 'taking images earlier in the morning' as her best advice for people trying to get into the business of professional travelling.



The next was to edit with a 'preset' on Lightroom - or pre-determined set of colours and contrasts you can put on any photo - to save time and energy.

Most bloggers can spend upwards of 30 minutes editing each photo before it appears on Instagram.

Being away from your friends and family when people get married or have babies can be really hard.

'When I call my family and friends back home, sometimes it makes me sad that I miss out on some of their important life events,' Esther JuLee (@estherjulee) said, who spends a year in each location she visits. 'We've considered moving back.'

Being on the go all the time means there is very little downtime to enjoy things like exercise.

Elise Cook makes it work by starting every day with a bit of movement.

'Dom and I start the day by stretching together for ten minutes, followed by a ten minute meditation. This sets us up for a beautiful day, no matter where we are, and it's one of my favourite parts of the day. That, and the coffee that follows,' she said.

'After that we might go for a walk, run, or do a mat workout - we carry a yoga mat with us. It's honestly just a matter of keeping active and moving at least a little bit every day.'

Meanwhile Lauren Bullen praises her home base of Bali as something she misses while away - mainly because the country keeps her in peak physical shape.

'Well home for us is Bali, Indonesia, and I miss the food and lifestyle! Bali is like a little health kick for us, and it's so nice to come back to a little routine,' she told the Swim Report.


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