Congolese Woman Gives Mid-Air Birth With Help of Cabin Crew on Turkish Airlines

Published December 18th, 2018 - 08:00 GMT

A woman has given birth at more than 42,000 feet with the help of her husband and the cabin crew after going into labour during a flight.

Musuamba Michoukayembe, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, went into labour three hours into a flight from the Gabonese capital, Libreville, to Turkey's biggest city Istanbul.

The 21-year-old's husband,who is a doctor, and the cabin crew immediately began preparing for the birth, isolating an area at the back of the Turkish Airlines plane.

Ms Michoukayembe gave birth to a healthy baby boy, named Bennel, some 42,650 feet (13,000 metres) above the Republic of Niger in north-western Africa.


Pilot Alper Akkaya said: 'The cabin crew established the necessary co-ordination and the baby was born after a healthy delivery. Fortunately, his father was a doctor, he helped us a lot.'

He revealed he had requested a priority landing, as well as an ambulance and doctors, shortly before entering Turkish airspace.

Mr Akkaya added: 'We completed this beautiful event in a healthy way. If it had not been a healthy birth, we would have diverted to another airport. But since it was healthy, we continued our four-hour flight.'

When the plane touched down in Istanbul, the new parents and the baby were taken to the nearest hospital in the Yesilkoy neighbourhood of the city.

Purser Fatma Akyuz said it had been an exciting flight: 'We boarded with 144 passengers, but landed with 145 passengers. It was a beautiful moment for us,' she said.

Cabin crew member Ilayda Erhalac said the pregnant woman had been quiet and relaxed during takeoff but had gone into labour three hours later.

She said: 'We prepared for the birth of our newest friend in a matter of minutes. We dealt with it professionally and everything turned out well.'


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