Court Slams Man for Embezzling From Scrap Firm

Published November 11th, 2018 - 08:31 GMT
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)

He was charged with embezzlement at the Court of First Instance.

An assistant manager, in charge of five warehouses of a water company, was charged at a Dubai court with embezzlement after he allegedly sold scrap to a business partner for Dh298,426 ($81,236) and embezzled it.

The duties of the 50-year-old Indian assistant manager included supervision of shipment, filling, storage and selling of water. His job was also to prepare annual inventories and revenue reports and assembling scrap pieces to sell them to a scrap company.

However, in this case, he sold scrap and collected Dh298,426 in cash and instead of depositing the money in his workplace's account he kept it. His alleged wrongdoings lasted from October 2016 to October 2017 and a case was registered at Al Barsha police station. He was charged with embezzlement at the Court of First Instance.

The irregularities were exposed and reported by the health, safety and environment assistant manager at the water company, an Emirati. "In June 2017, I was assigned with overseeing the security and safety at the company. I found out that some procedure was not legally correct. Some pickup and delivery operations were done without receipts detailing the quantities sold and the amounts of money received," he said during the public prosecution investigation.

The manager said he found out that a Pakistani employee at a scrap company was paying cash money to the defendant for scrap, including aluminium, plastic, wood and cardboard boxes. "I spotted him walking out of the warehouses with unclear bills. I asked him whether he had ever been stopped by the security staff and asked about the material he was carrying and he denied that.

"When I told him to get detailed bills from the warehouses, he came back later, claiming to me that the defendant refused to give him such bills and that the latter threatened to cancel the contract signed with their company," the witness told the prosecutor.

The Pakistani also claimed to the witness he did not go to the accounting section as he was dealing directly with the defendant and the latter would usually give him receipts. He alleged to the witness that the defendant would charge him extra amounts of money under threats of cancelling the contract. The court will issue a ruling on November 14.

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