Crime zapped! Thieves in UAE electrocuted to death during warehouse break-in

Published April 3rd, 2016 - 04:59 GMT
Cutting the wrong wire led to catastrophe! (Shutterstock)
Cutting the wrong wire led to catastrophe! (Shutterstock)

Two thieves were charred to death while attempting to break into a warehouse in Sharjah, a police source said on Saturday.

The Asian thieves were electrocuted when they accidentally cut an electrical wire which then sparked a fire, destroying the warehouse that stored electrical appliances.

The source said the civil defence was informed about the fire in Sharjah Industrial Area No. 6 on March 28 at 4am. Firefighters worked for two hours to douse the blaze and the bodies were found when forensic experts entered the site after the cooling operation.

During the investigation police found out that the deceased were not working for the company that owned the warehouse but had broken into the premises and got electrocuted.

By Afkar Abdullah

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