Doctors Warn of Deadly West Nile Virus in Greece as it Already Killed 3

Published August 14th, 2018 - 03:00 GMT
The Center for Disease Prevention and Control in Greece announced the death of three people from the West Nile Virus (WNV) in the last 48 hours. An official statement said the victims ranged in age between 70 and 80, and died of complications caused by the virus transmitted through a mosquito type.

The Greek center (KEELPNO) noted that usually people struck with the virus show minor symptoms or don’t show any. However, if the WNV reaches the brain, it may lead to death or cause meningitis and other brain diseases.

Since the beginning of the mosquito season in late May, 60 cases have been reported, with 48 of them suffering from brain disorders, while 12 others showing mild symptoms, and only suffering from fever.

Medical sources said that 16 people are currently in hospitals, with four in the intensive care unit. Attica, which includes Athens and its suburbs, and the central region of Macedonia in the north are among the most affected cities.

The Greek authorities warned of more cases and urged the municipalities of the affected areas to raise awareness among citizens on taking the necessary precautions.

The medical authorities advised people living in such areas to use insect repellent and wear full body clothing, as well as to stay away from open spaces during dawn and sunset. The most vulnerable are the elderly as well as those who have undergone organ transplants or people with diabetes.

As reported in the Greek Medical Center statement, WNV infections recorded an early outbreak this year, and said it may appear in different geographical areas in the country. The authorities are using media outlets to provide health awareness to citizens and visitors.
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