Dubai Parkour Stunts Designed to Throw Life Into Your Body

Published October 21st, 2018 - 10:03 GMT

A man was caught in a video performing parkour stunts around town so he could reach his office on time.

The man starts his stunt from the Damac Properties (formerly Dubai Marina) metro station and alights at Al Ghubaiba station, where he jumps through cabs and buses.


Come to think of it - Jumping on the roof of buses or through the gate of Dubai Metro could get you into trouble...but there's a catch!

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) accepted the fitness challenge of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, by using this parkour footage. The video, which was shared by RTA on social media, shows a man performing parkour stunts. It is coupled with the caption 'RTA accepts the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018'.

Parkour is a discipline which involves going through a complex environment in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It doesn't require any assistive equipment - only an individual's body. It involves running, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and crawling. Usually practised in urban spaces, parkour is about seeing the surroundings in a new way and finding potential routes to take around the area. The discipline was created by French actor and stuntman David Belle and was popularised by Belle's appearance in the film District 13. Its practitioners are called traceurs, a French term which means 'to hurry up'.


Back to the RTA video. In the clip, the traceur kicks things off by opting to take public transport instead of driving to his office. He then times his moves as he uses parkour stunts.

First, he climbs up the Dubai Metro's escalators without any assistance. He also slides and crawls through the footbridge rather than take the walkalator, which could slow him down. The man later takes the Metro to Al Ghubaiba where he jumps on the roofs of cabs, buses and even a Nol ticket machine! As if that wasn't enough, he also hops between moving abras in the Creek until he finally reaches RTA's offices - all within a span of 30 minutes.

The video concludes with the man being joined by his colleagues, all keen to take up Sheikh Hamdan's fitness challenge.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge - the flagship fitness initiative by the Dubai Crown Prince launched last year - aims to make Dubai the most active city in the world. It starts on October 26 and continues till November 24. The inaugural challenge saw a staggering 786,000 participants all across Dubai take on the fitness pledge.

The latest version of the Dubai Fitness App is now available to officially register participation, with several new features for quick and easy tracking of progress, discovering and booking events or classes, as well as encouraging others by sharing socially.


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