Oh the twama of domestic politics in Egypt!

Published May 23rd, 2012 - 09:54 GMT
Going head-to-head in the home
Going head-to-head in the home

Democracy is a very new concept for Egyptians and where as previously, Mubarak won with nearly 90% of the votes, now they have a real chance to have their say. 

Progress, most agree, but one of the unintended consequences is that arguments over who will vote for which candidate have moved from the squares back home to the family.

Last night, Egyptian tweeps took to their computers to describe some of the “twama” of the political arguments happening in their houses as a direct result of Egypt's elections.

One blogger said their friend’s sister had threatened to leave her husband when he told her he would vote for Ahmed Shafiq, former commander of the Egyptian Air Force.

Another desperate tweep said she was due to give birth in two days but her doctor would only help her deliver if she voted the same way as him.

Some of the lighter comments included one Expat Egyptian who wrote: “I’m buying my brothers vote for 50 GBP”.

Using the hashtag #candidatedomesticfights, Egyptians from all over the world were reveling in and complaining about the new found choice of candidates and their domestic squabbles.

One tweep said he has spammed his dad’s Facebook wall to try and convince him to vote for either former foreign minister, Amr Moussa or secularist Hamdeen Sabahi.

Another said he stopped talking to his parents until they agreed to vote for Amr Moussa. 

All agreed, however, that anything was better than the former regime and at least this time round they had the chance to speak openly about their political choices. 


By Helen Brooks


Should families talk politics or is it taboo in the home? Tell us what you think.

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