Ex-Maid Steals Gold in Abu Dhabi, Posts Pics of Jewellery on Instagram

Published November 10th, 2018 - 02:43 GMT

Her former employer found out about the theft after she left.

A former maid was caught stealing gold from her employer in Abu Dhabi after posting pictures of the jewellery on social media.

The Asian woman's service with an Arab family had ended and she had returned to her home country, as per Ittihad report.

Meanwhile, her former employer had hired a new maid when they found the gold went missing.

At first, they accused the new maid as she was the only person in the house at the time they discovered the theft. All evidence pointed to her being the only logical culprit.

After some time, the sponsor was scrolling through Instagram when he happened across his former maid's account.

Upon opening her page, he was shocked to find photos of his wife's missing jewellery in a post. Beneath, she had written what amounted to a for-sale ad, asking people to contact her for the prices.

The man immediately notified the authorities and submitted the evidence to the Abu Dhabi courts to clear the name of their second maid.

He also stressed that he had given the first maid a large sum of money to thank her for her service with them.

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