'Fake News' is Favored Phrase Used by Premier Netanyahu in Hebrew

Published October 8th, 2018 - 12:08 GMT

Israeli politicians no longer have to peppers their speeches with the English phrase "fake news." Now, they can do it in Hebrew.

On Sunday, the Academy of the Hebrew Language announced that it had approved a slate of new Hebrew words and phrases for use - to replace their English equivalents, which often slip into conversation.

Instead of "fake news," the academy would like Israelis to say hadashot kazav. The phrase is a favorite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who often uses the transliterated version on Facebook and Twitter. Will Netanyahu switch to the official Hebrew phrase now? That remains to be seen.



And fake news wasn't the only phrase the Academy of the Hebrew Language gave an official translation for this week. Instead of saying a rehev autonomy - an autonomous car - Israelis should start saying rehev lelo nahag, i.e. a driverless car.

And, for those with a sweet tooth, the phrase chocolate truffle is now translated as kemehon shokolad.

The Academy of the Hebrew Language also approved 180 new Hebrew names for types of butterflies which was prepared by its zoological committee. And that is not fake news.


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