Funny Pics of Men Copying Women's Snaps

Published December 30th, 2018 - 12:57 GMT

From lounging on unicorn pool floats to flaunting abs in the mirror at the gym, many of us are guilty of posing for clichéd Instagram snaps.

But luckily Delaware-born comedian Ashley Hesseltine is here to remind us all not to take all those 'basic' poses too seriously.

Founded in 2014,her Bros Being Basic Instagram feed features men imitating the kind of snaps that probably appear on their girlfriend's accounts.

Opening up about her latest set of snaps to Bored Panda, she explained that the idea behind the project is to 'pay homage' to women rather than mock them.

'I'm a female and a feminist, so I'm naturally able to create content that's not going to be offensive to women,' she explained.

'On top of that, our awesome female followers are able to laugh at themselves and their own 'basic' tendencies.'

Some images include a group of men posing by the beach with their backs to the camera as they wave their bikini tops in the air.

Another shows a man on his own wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms looking out at the horizon while standing on a balcony.

And a male wearing a white robe and with a towel wrapped around his head to mimics photos people take when they check into hotels.

The images are all paired with witty captions, with some poking fun at proposals, pregnancy announcements and hen parties, while others mock 'basic' phrases such as 'B***h don't kill my vibe'.

Ashley set up the account in November 2014, and in four years it has already racked up a massive 876k followers.

The creator has revealed her inspiration for the page came from herself, and when the term 'basic' emerged she decided to upload pictures of men copyign how women act on online platforms.

She explained: 'I had an idea for a post on my blog, What If Guys Acted Like Girls on Instagram?'

'I recruited all my guy friends to create the photos for me, and when the blog started going viral, the idea for the Instagram account was born. I (with the help of my friend Travis May) launched the account on Thanksgiving Eve and it blew up immediately.'

Male contributors to Bros Being Basic recreate some of the most typical pictures that can be found on Instagram while giving them an ironic - and often incongruous - twist.

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