The girls next door: Egyptian police bust prostitution ring above police station

Published August 29th, 2015 - 04:30 GMT

Egyptian police busted a prostitution ring operating above a police station in Giza earlier this week in an ironic incident that has gone viral on social media networks. 

According to Al-Ahram Arabic website, the prostitution ring was uncovered by vice squad police in a flat in a building in the Cairo district of Agouza — the same building that houses Agouza police station.

Those involved in the ring rented the apartment claiming that it would be used by a company for real estate marketing and operated from the venue for several months.

The suspects arrested during a raid on the apartment are being detained for four days pending investigation, on the orders of Agouza prosecution. 

The location of the brothel caused the news to go viral on Egyptian social media, amassing thousands of sarcastic comments. 

Many social media commentators compared the incident to the famous story of notorious serial killers Raya and Sakina; the two women abducted, robbed, killed, and buried women in their house near Labban police station in Alexandria in the 1920s before they were eventually arrested.

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